AutoNation Wheel/Tire Protection vs BMW Wheel/Tire Protection

I added the wheel/tire protection when picking up my recent lease, and noticed when I got home and read through the docs further it’s issued by AutoNation and not BMW NA. I thought since the BMW maintenance plan is through BMW NA, the wheel/tire protection plan would be too, and accidentally skimmed over it. Oops.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the difference(s) between the two policies and any pros/cons of one over the other?

My last two lease, I had AutoNation Wheels and Tires Insurance, no problem. Your BMW service Advisor will take care of it anyway. I had to replace about 6 tires and 2 rims on my last two lease.

Oh ok, so I can take it to bmw for any repairs and they’ll run it through autonation?

what’s the difference between a direct dealer deal, and when financed/leased from autonation? Is it the same thing, if it says autonation Honda X dealer, than going directly through dealer? bit confused.

The bank is the bank. The dealer is the dealer.

For example, If I got a new car from Autonation Honda of Downtown LA. The autonation guy sites in the same office as Honda of Downtown LA. Is this sale through the dealer now or autonation?

Where my confusion lies is I leased from an autonation dealer that’s pretty far away from me, and the only autonation dealers in my area are Chevy and ford. In order for any repairs to be covered by the protection package, do the repairs need to be done by an Autonation dealer, and if I go ‘out of network’, will I face out of pocket costs? Kind of like HMO vs PPO insurance plans.

Does the paperwork not explain it? My guess would be if you go “out of network,” your costs will be 100%.

AutoNation is just a chain of dealers.