AutoNation not honoring certificate on SETF lease

Received a value of 34500 using the online tool. Brought the truck in and the trade manager agreed it was clean but said they have too many Tacomas and offered me 33000. Anyone else have this experience? I’ve taken it up with corporate. Will update as I hear more

I did not even get as far as you did, but I have heard much worse about lessened value (i.e., far more than $1,500 difference in the offering). Supply and demand affect how much the entities offer.

And yet, it very clearly states that the offer provided takes that into account.

The corporate isn’t going to do anything


Try different autonation dealer


I understand as I went through the same issue. The bottom line is the AutoNation dealer does what they want. You can see if you can take it to another AutoNation dealer. I left the one I was working with alone; it was not worth my time (and I am glad I understood and accepted that as it is a seller’s market - for now).

Yep. Working that in parallel.

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Im curious to see how this turns out. I also had a similar experience. The online offer was $1500 more than the offer at the dealer. I did not try another AutoNation dealer as I thought the appraisals were all done by corporate anyways.

Nothing from corporate but I’ve talked to a couple other AutoNation dealers in Orlando and ft Myers. They seem willing to honor the deal. However my best offers have come from just outside Florida. They are beating the “certified” offer from AutoNation by 1500-2500. I’m driving it to Georgia on Friday to sell.

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Let me know how that goes. I ended up going to another AutoNation dealer who was able to honor the online offer after verifying vehicle condition. I’m guessing the first dealer wanted to squeeze some profit.

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