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Hi guys, big fan of LH and over a decade of dealer management and f&i experience. Our goal is to share our experience in the form of advice and offer some great deals to the community!

  • Servicing TRI-STATE AREA.
  • DM for info
-timeframe for leasing (pricing is only valid for the current month)
-make/model or (refernece specific ad-car)
-COLOR / options / pkg (or MSRP)
-term (miles and length of lease)
-loyalty/conquest (just note all vehicles registered in HOUSEHOLD)
-zip code/ name
-msd / no msd and any other unique incentives

WE DO: Trades / Early lease terminations / challenging credit / Residency & visa restrictions

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Want to give Autoleast a huge thank you. Louis found me the XC90 I wanted for an amazing price (18% off MSRP) and took my Forester in trade. He was consistently available and answered all my questions. From sourcing the car, to handling all negotiations and finalizing the deal in 1 day, he was superb. Car was delivered today at 8am on the dot as I requested. I do not know why anyone would go to dealer and not just pay this man to handle everything.

Thank you for the kind words! It was a pleasure assisting you and we look forward to further assisting you in the future. Enjoy :grinning:

I would like to give a very strong endorsement of Autoleast.

I got a 2020 XC60 with exact color and options that I wanted at a very strong price of ~0.88% MSRP monthly payment with $838 drive off.

Louis was always available and walked me through the whole process. I reached out to a few brokers and autoleast was by far the easiest to deal with. Very happy with car, deal and experience.

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I DO NOT recommend this broker at all unless you enjoy scrambling a month after your lease to register plates. Louis and his partner put you through a ringer for their fee: first paying everything up-front through paypal before even signing a lease (all other brokers just ask for a deposit), paying the fee again (twice) in cash, and then waiting days for a Paypal refund of their original fee.

I had to drive an hour out of the way to pick up my vehicle.

All of this nonsense for $600 fee; you’re paying $200 less in fees with the more seasoned and responsible tri-state brokers on this channel.

Thankful I didn’t share my personal credit information and insisted on applying directly through the dealership.

Highly not recommended

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Thank you! It was a pleasure!


Thank you it was a pleasure!

Kudos to this AutoLeast broker. Mark made it so easy and smooth. Answered all my questions and explained all step by step. I just drove to dealer to inspect the car, sign the papers and drove back home. Took 2 days total from contacting broker, next day picked up the car. Note, two of other dealers refused my lease offer. This broker found me one that accepted it.