🔥 AutoLeaseNinjas October BMW Deals! 6.5% off X1s, X3s, X5s, 330s & 530s! We Do ALL BRANDS & BUY LEASE RETURNS!

:rotating_light: BMW Master Deal Sheet! :rotating_light:

February Update (2/5): Serious Inventory & Allocation Shortage!
All deals this month will be orders. Very slim availability on the ground, and as such, it makes the most sense to do a custom order (6-12 weeks)
Pricing and Discounts will be locked in, and you will have a signed confirmation from the dealership confirming this. We take great pride in our reputation.

$599 Broker Fee

Any general questions can be asked and answered on this thread! If you are interested in moving forward on one of these cars please click the link to our Google Sheet. (link below). From there you can get an instant quote.

Alternatively, you can also PM us with any questions or help!

Bit Different of a Process this month!

1.) BUILD YOUR BMW: Build Your Own Car: Luxury Car Customizer by BMW USA
2.) Save Build Code Link
3.) Send the following in an email to inquiries@autoleaseninjas.com

  • Build Code Link
  • Miles Per Year
  • Zip Code
  • Cars in Household, Along with Expiration Date of Returning Lease (if applicable) - we are able to handle lease returns for every make & model
  • Any other applicable incentives (college grad, military, etc)

4.) Pay Retainer to secure build allocation and submit documentation to dealership for approval.
5.) Receive Signed Buyer’s Order Confirming locked in Discount, Rebates, Rates & Residuals
6.) Track Status of Custom Order Online


Corrected - Apologies

Wow! Nice job with these deals. Do you have any X3 competition available?

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What colors and package ? Does it have panoramic sunroof and navigation/driving assistance ?

We have a bunch of different models available. Please submit an inquiry or send me a PM to discuss further!

Where do you find a 62k X7?

MSRP updated - my apologies for the typo - was done super late last night and it looks like there was a copy & paste error. All deals are now valid and up to date.

Yes - will add X3M and X3M Comp deals tomorrow! Those are also 13%+

$62K BMW m340i xDrive $519 (+Tax) Per Month with 1st & DMV DAS - With Loyalty

hi, interested in this deal. can you show me some pictures of the car and what packages are included?

Luckily we have a bunch so we can (within reason) find pretty much find a car with whatever package you’re looking for. PM me or fill out an inquiry

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Awesome, thank you. PM sent.

Will get to it first thing early AM

PM’d about M550

Interested in a M340 iX or 440i X GC loaner or new.
I have two payments of $575 left on my 2017 440iX.
Zip 11803. Looking for 10K/36. What do you have remaining?

The 19%s are better at 24 months sir

Bump the RV 6% and drop the months to 24

Especially on the 540. That’s a hot deal

Nice job!!!

BMW 330i in stock can you message me more details? I don’t have loyalty

HUGE BLOWOUT update coming soon. Working on digging through all the PMs.

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Okay guys 19% off of all New In-Stock 2019s - First come first serve - all are updated on the spreadsheet. A couple rules and helpful info as someone asked me recently to negotiate the residual.

1.) MSDs cannot be applied
2.) Pricing is Final - Drive-off can be adjusted, dealer discount, mf, etc. are non-negotiable in this case.
3.) First come first serve, when inquiring please make sure you have a general idea of where pricing will land so you will not be surprised that something like tax adds cost to the deal.
4.) I have listed all available 2019 units, please do not ask for a particular 2019 that is not listed on there. I can get any 2020 out there, but the only 2019s remaining are the ones listed on the spreadsheet.

Let’s move some metal.

Someone at a dealership is getting fired lol