AutoLeaseNinjas January Florida Mazda Giveaway! $112 CX-30s w $1999 DAS & MSDs & Lease Loyalty

Hello any deals on CX30 or Mazda 3?

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Am I in no mans land for Leasing a CX-9? Would I be better waiting a few months for the 21s to be in full swing? My wife really likes the Black Signature edition, but I am trying to push her to the Grand Touring

Deals are updated.
–> Absolute blowout for December
–> Free delivery on everything
–> Use MSDs - they help the deals significantly

Ready for a very NEWBIE question - when it sayd +MSDs…what does that mean?

Multiple Security Deposits. Simple explanation:

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So, fully refundable…good to know…
Thanks for the quick response (and not calling me stupid out loud, LOL)

:fire: Blowout Deal Alert - CX-9 Carbon Edition
$42K+ MSRP
$339 Per Month ($315 with loyalty)
$2999 Total Due at Signing
All Taxes & Fees Included

Submit an Inquiry or send a PM - need these moved ASAP

How far from Tampa are those cx9 carbons? You are looking to do something by EOY?

What does this lease look like with zero down?

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All deals updated for January - some fantastic CX-30 deals, especially if you do MSDs!

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Hello, I have a 2018 CX9 Touring lease due in a couple of weeks. I am interested in another CX9 Touring with Prem Package. Is that something you can help me with? I’m looking for 10k/year and 0 DAS. Can you send me a private message please? I’m in Florida

Absolutely, that would qualify for the lease to lease loyalty bonus!

PM Sent. Do they waive the last/any payments or disposition fee also?

Do you have any CX-5’s left? Need touring or grand touring will do deal by end of month. I did send in an inquiry to the web site. Just want to make sure that I cover all the bases.

Hello, was wondering if you had new number for February?

i have a 2018 CX5 GT lease ending in a couple of months, was wondering if there were any new march numbers for 2021 CX9 Carbons?


I had a 2015 3yr, Mazda CX-5 lease. Then a lease with Ford. If I want a new 2021 CX-5 lease with you brokering, what do I need to provide you to qualify for the following?
-Returning Mazda Lease
-Loyalty Lease pricing

You don’t qualify for those incentives with your current situation.

So please tell me the differences.
-Pmt w/o Loyalty **||
-Pmt w Loyalty **||
-Pmt w Returning Mazda Lease

Loyalty - Mazda in Household
Returning Lease Loyalty - Grounding a Mazda Lease at the Dealership at time of pick up or delivery of the new Mazda
PMT w/o any type of loyalty - just normal.

Here’s the link to the new thread:

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