AutoLeaseNinjas December New & 20% off Demo BMWs! $50K 430xi $264(+Tax)/$1999DAS, $67K BMW X5 $540(+Tax)! NO MSDs

December Update: As of now we are only doing a select amount of BMWs and only will be doing these select demos/loaners. We plan on expanding to include all models but we are just doing this for now given the demand of other brands in our portfolio.

Must Pickup - First come, first serve.

$599 Broker Fee

Any general questions can be asked and answered on this thread! If you are interested in moving forward please fill out an inquiry form (link below). It allows us to respond to clients the quickest! We do our best to respond to PMs as well, but sometimes they get buried!

Pending :rotating_light:
2019 BMW 430xi
MSRP: $50K
Monthly PMT: $264(+Tax)
Drive-Off AMT: $1999
Months: 36 Months
Miles: 10K
Required Incentives: Loyalty

Sold :fire_extinguisher:
2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i
MSRP: $67K
Monthly Payment: $540(+Tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $1999, NO MSDs!
Months: 36 Months
Annual Mileage: 10K
Required Incentives: Loyalty
Region: NE

New Vehicle Specials - All are calculated with Loyalty
$53K 2020 BMW 330i xdrive $439(+Tax) w $1999 DAS - NO MSDs
$58K 2019 BMW 530i xdrive $465 (+Tax) with $1999 DAS - NO MSDs
$68K 2019 BMW X5 $679 (+Tax) with $1999 DAS - NO MSDs
$78K 2020 BMW M4 $699 (+Tax) with $1999 DAS - NO MSDs
$80K 2020 BMW m550xi $699 (+Tax) with $1999 DAS - NO MSDs


Updated the numbers to reflect loyalty

Hi -
What color combo?
If no loyalty, what would I subtract?
Where is pickup?
Delivery available to CT?

Loyalty is $2500

Pickup should be relatively convenient to most NJ, NY and Southern CT customers

Can you confirm if there’s a conquest incentive if no loyalty?

No conquest incentive for the 440 unfortunately.

Ok thank you. And based on the incentives this is a 2019 correct?

Yep that is correct!

Wow that’s amazing. Does recent grad qualify for the household or just the person signing the lease? Will PM you for more info.

Yep - Can be anyone in household! Thanks, yep send a PM

Do you have any new/loaner BMW 5 series for lease 24/10k?
I have loyalty as well.

Is this eligible for MSDs?

I see you dont have them in the calc. Is that due to the dealership location?

Hey guys! Car is currently pending - Hopefully I will get a couple more demos up soon!

what’s the best way to be notified if/when another similar deal pops up?

You can fill it out here - sometimes inquiries get buried in the LH inbox so it is easier to have it in our internal database.

5 series added!

Sent you a PM!


New Demos up 20% off X5s

Please post the spreadsheet for the demos. Cant seem to find it…