Auto show cash incentive

I was looking over my volt lease from February 17’ and there was $750 auto show cash incentive. Is this common? I am in the market now and my pull the trigger on a bolt this month even though I have until next month. I know deals change but the bolt is looking pretty good right now deal-wise. Can you guys commemt on how common auto show Chas is and if most of the manufacturers offer it?

Auto show cash is pretty common. That said, Detroit changed the Auto show date from Jan '17 to June today, so don’t expect one this time of year.

It’s usually just good for the month of the auto show, and MAYBE the following month if you’re lucky.

Are you working with a BMW dealer in greater Pgh? If not, it probably won’t help you as BMW incentives are based on dealer location, not yours. However, from what you’re describing, it sounds like an OL code. Those are usually region specific and usually last at least a couple months.

Actually this one said LA auto show credit.

If it was like last year, it was an OL code. Rahal did the same thing at their booth last year. They said it was only valid at their dealership, and you didn’t get a physical code in email. That said, there are rumors that if an OL code is tied to your name, you can use it elsewhere, but the dealership you are working with has to look you up in the system to obtain it.

if it’s an LA show credit, it won’t help you in MI if you’re looking at the Bolt, or vice-versa. GM dealers use incentives tied to your garaged address, not dealer location.

I’ve found P&W the best “deals wise” with Rahal and A&L coming in second/third. That’s really not saying much though.

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