Auto Shipping Experience from St. Louis to California

I had a wonderful experience with Fisher Shipping for transporting my BMW 540i from St. Louis to California. I was very apprehensive at first and did lot of research to find the best service. Through my research, I found Stacie Thistle’s name recommended by many in different blogs/sites. I contacted Stacie and she took care of the entire process immediately. As mentioned by other users (and no surprise), she was very straight forward and honest from the beginning. I liked that aspect very much. They are broker, but not shipper. Stacie also assured me about the shippers carefully chosen by them. She was right. The car was scheduled for pick up within 2 specific days. The shipper (White Arrow Transport, MO) arrived on time and picked up the car. Yuri, the driver/owner is an outstanding professional and assured me safe timely delivery. Car was picked up on Thursday morning and delivered on Monday morning, exactly as told by Yuri. My car didn’t have any scratch and delivered in top shape. The service was so smooth and I am indebted to Stacie and White Arrow Transport for their outstanding service. Both are consummate professionals and I do not lightly bestow the accolades on them. I will recommend them to my friends and use them for any future shipping.

I would say this is spam, but I don’t know too many spammers that would wait 3 months to spam.

But what happened to Atlanta? How did the car get from Atlanta to St.Louis?

Sorry, forbs. It was not a spam. Perhaps, you are aware that auto shipping is not a clear cut business and very confusing as it is mixed with many brokers and hard to find a good honest broker. I was apprehensive, did research and reached out to fellow forum members for recommendation. As noted, I found Fisher Shipping and had a great experience.
I am indebted to my fellow hackr members for the informations I receive for leasing and related matters. My intent was to help anyone looking for info. on shipping.
Please note that I was planning to transport my car from Atlanta and then I decided to change the pick up from St. Louis since I wanted to visit my family/friends there. I drove and the car was picked up from there. I understand your skepticism. But, please note that there are still people in the world who would like to share their positive experiences and help others.


Thanks for the clarification Yuri!

What was the cost to ship?

Sorry for the dalay. It was $1,375.

Stacie Thistle and Fisher are amazing

She’s also an absolute pleasure to work with

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