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Went back and forth with Matt going back to before the new year, and my wife received her ordered vehicle a couple weeks back. Everything promised was delivered, and the entire process could not have been easier. He answered all the questions I had via text, stayed in constant contact for the multi month process, and my wife never had to set foot in a dealer. Everything was signed online and the vehicle came exactly when it was promised. She’s thrilled with her new car and the ease of the entire process. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.


Hands down the best service there is for getting out and into a new lease! Within a couple of emails, Matt and his team had sorted everything out for my new 2023 jeep grand cherokee! The car arrived within 5 weeks and the process of them buying my old lease out was sorted out within 1 email. They offered me the most competitive offer for equity in my car! I was able to use that equity to get an amazing M/P on top of their insane deals for the grand cherokee. Matt, his team, and especially the dealer they worked with for my new car were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the buying process. I would highly recommend @AutoNinjas to anyone looking to either sell their lease or just looking for an insane deal on one!

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Purchased through Auto Ninjas in 2020 without issue. Lease is up soon so decided to reach out again.

Sent 2 inquiries through their website with no responses to either.

Expressed interest in the deals listed on their website to which I finally got a response, to be told that the deals no longer exist. Explained what I was looking for, and received limited response answers to which they stopped answering after 2 follow up emails. Would probably look elsewhere. Not a good look overall.


3 days from start to finish with Jaime and the Ninja’s.

Just got delivered to my door…

Can’t thank you enough. Surprised my Son. Someone is very happy.

Hit these guys up if you need a great deal :+1:t2:


My second time working with Auto Ninjas. My old lease was coming to an end so I contacted Jaime. She was very helpful in getting me the information on the lease numbers for the vehicles I was interested in. There was a hiccup on our initial deal. She was giving me lease numbers for the prior month and I wasn’t happy with what the dealer was offering for the current month. Jaime was very apologetic and I decided to explore other vehicles. Settled on the Hyundai Tucson Limited and she gave me great numbers. Was driving off with the vehicle within a couple days of my initial Tucson inquiry. Excellent and comfortable vehicle.

I highly recommend working with the Auto Ninjas. There are reviews saying they are unresponsive. I think that may be a result of their high volume. Sometimes you might have to send follow up emails. But their prices and the ease from start from finish is unbeatable.


I have been trying to reach out to AutoNinjas for around two months via their website with no luck. I have submitted several lease requests (with my email and phone number), I have emailed Jaime, I have called the phone number on the website, all with no luck. I am trying to start a new lease, and would like some help.


I ended up with a hyundai lease through auto ninjas. Ultimately, I did end up getting the car my wife wanted for a good price. But I would not call the process quick or easy.

Ultimately, I was not really pleased with the responsiveness of auto ninjas. I initially inquired on april 9 via email and only received a response when I posted on the forums here. Thereafter, it felt like I had to chase them down throughout the entire process to get this deal closed.

Also, I had the car shipped to me. My last email with autoninjas said they would get me an ETA from the dealer. Never heard from auto ninjas again. At 7PM that night, the carrier reached out to me and said they would be at my house at 11:30 PM. To be fair to autoninjas, that could be a dealer/carrier issue.

But the fact that they delived the vehicle so late at night with such late notice and no heads up from the broker really goes to the heart of the professionalism of this whole operation.

Happy I got the car but not happy with the service. I also spent so much time going back and forth that I really dont think i saved any time by not going to the dealer.

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I’m finding a lot of similarities with my issues as well. Why do they think a midnight delivery is okay? It was made to be like I was a one off situation. Mine was delivered at 1230 am. Then I was attempted to be made the bad guy because they “had to pay an extra $500” to get it shipped because no one communicates.

I’m sorry you had the experience you did. As you mentioned we’ve realized that transporters are too unreliable to provide the service our clients ultimately deserve and add a ton of time and headache on all sides. As such we’ve made steps to find more dealers to handle each region (like we did with Jeep), or, say no to the business all together and refer them.

As you alluded to, this was the exact reason there was a hesitation to sell you the car initially. We actually mentioned this exact concern of the fact they don’t ship and agreed to make an exception. If we had to do it over again, likely would have turned the business away and tried to just provide some free advice to arm you to shop locally.

Glad you ultimately got the deal though, and i do apologize that the shipping experience was less than stellar. It is something we’re actively trying to address, and prioritize and focus on serving local customers within 100 miles of our dealer where we can offer home delivery!


I feel the need to clear some things up here. I paid the broker fee. Only after the broker fee was paid was it communicated to me that they don’t ship. At that point, I said “No problem, just refund my broker fee and I will buy a different car.”

At that point, Jaime said “please hold off and give me until the end of the day to find a solution.” It was only at that point that shipping was arranged and I agreed. I gave a more than fair opportunity for all parties to just walk away clean.

Your reply distorts the reality and the timeline of events. It’s factually untrue that you told me that they don’t ship before I paid the broker fee. Once I was informed of that, I was more than willing to just walk away. But I didn’t because Jaime said “oh actually we will just ship to you.” I don’t really feel its worth my time and effort to get into a huge back and forth. But I do feel it necessary to correct the factual inaccuracy.

Also, if you’re only going to do local pick up and no shipping, that sounds like something that should go on an ad.

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I’m glad you’re pointing this out. They tend to bend the facts in their favor and distort the reality and Down play things when posting on here. I’ll be posting a long review of my experience when I have the energy to.

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From everything in our CRM, it appears the initial inquiry was submitted on a Sunday and you ended up paying prior to us having a chance to reach out and explain that, and in fairness our advertisement spreadsheet specifically states “distant dependent, inquire for details”. Feel free to review for time stamps that our google sheet was not edited. Again, I stand by the fact that it was ultimately probably best for us to recommend us to you locally, and you likely feel the same way. We tried our best to accommodate and ultimately failed in providing you the experience you deserve. Not that it is particularly relevant, but the policy regarding phasing out shipping was made a few days ago. Again, we apologize and should not have done the deal. We have just issued a full refund, enjoy the car in good health.

I have used Auto Ninjas to purchase my new Grand Cherokee L and also to purchase a new Mazda CX-50. Living in NY, all the dealerships over here were offering some ridiculous pricing and the pricing and deals I got from Auto Ninjas was drastically better and cheaper, and the cherry on top was that I didn’t have to waste any time sitting at the dealership for hours. Having both vehicles delivered right to my house was super convenient and I would not hesitate to do business with them again in the near future. I have many friends and family currently car shopping and I am not shy to recommend these guys.


Just picked up a Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy from ALN!

Communication was always on point, but upon pickup I was told slightly different numbers than what I was told. However, this was due to a pure mistake on their end and a lack of reviewing numbers before communication which was relayed via text. Jaime is truly great to work with, just before any calculators or prices are given I would suggest putting in a process for making 100% sure what the numbers were before sending.

All in all, no other dealer could get even close to numbers these guys got us. Car is amazing, other than that slight pricing issue, we did the paperwork and drove off.

I would recommend ALN to others definitely!

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Auto Ninjas are the best hands down!
Went through them for my lease in 2020; the process was seamless and the prices were unbeatable. I even referred my two brothers immediately after.
Last week I requested their services again, but this time I was a bit nervous with the increase in car prices. Auto ninjas did NOT fail to go beyond my expectations AGAIN.
First time using their equityhckr program and they gave me a deal I could never dream of getting at the dealership. All the terms were discussed online, loved the e-sign, and receiving pdf copies. Full transparency with the price&terms, love how they’re always give you the itemized breakdown of prices. Process becomes an educated purchase vs feeling like you’re being sold.
They got my vehicle way under msrp, picked up my current car and dropped off the new car, all within a week. Worked with Matt & Jaime and they were sharp, prompt responses, and understanding of my personal situation. If you’re anything like me and find dealerships daunting and the process a headache, save yourself time and money by calling the auto ninjas. They will take care of everything.
Can’t imagine myself working with car dealer salesman anymore.
Thanks Jaime & Matt! I’m referring two brothers again, I know you’ll take care of them!
Ninjas, I’ll see you in 3 years.


I had an incredibly pleasant working experience with Auto Ninjas! This marks our third time collaborating with them, having previously leased vehicles from them back in 2020. I can confidently say that I wouldn’t consider working with any other lease broker!

Jaime, in particular, stood out for their exceptional patience and strong communication skills. They are an ideal choice for anyone in search of a new Mazda lease. From start to finish, Jaime provided invaluable guidance and ensured a smooth and hassle-free leasing process.

Auto Ninjas truly exceeded our expectations, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is commendable. Their expertise and dedication make them a reliable partner when it comes to securing the best lease deals. I wholeheartedly recommend Auto Ninjas and Jaime to anyone seeking a top-notch leasing experience!

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Just picked up a BMW from ALN and wanted to share my very positive experience.

This was my first time leasing with them and I worked with Thomas - communication was great from the start, I was kept informed at all steps and the car was arranged very quickly. On the day of the pickup, there were some issues, not related to me or ALN that might have delayed the signing by a day or so, which would have been very inconvenient for me in my particular situation, but Thomas worked hard to make sure I can still get my car on time and thanks to his efforts everything ended up working out in the end.

ALN was also very careful in explaining all the details along the way, and though I am relatively experienced with leases, I felt that their process would be suited for anybody from the absolute novice, to the regulars here, and their commitment to customer satisfaction was visible. Definitely recommend using ALN for anyone looking for a good deal and a seamless experience.

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@sumMazda Thank you so much for the kind words, we really appreciate it! Can’t wait to help on the next one.

@Samus4145 Thank you so much for the kind words

@kgeorgiev - It was awesome meeting you the other day. The color of the iX is stunning and one hell of a deal! Glad we could put the deal together in time together for the trip down to JFK! Upstate NY to JFK and back on one charge! Cheers to your first EV!