Auto Lease Broker In NJ & NY Area Great Deals and Great Service

Hello Everyone,

Currently have great deals on Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan,Infiniti, Lexus, BMW, and Audi. Looking to help get people into the car they like, There are to many people in the business looking to make a quick dollar and be rich, the way you become successful is by giving your customers the service you expect and not only stop when the sale is done but also to give them any other advice they wish in to automotive world.

Any other questions or Quotes please email me.

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Welcome. Can you register here:

I’d expect a broker to know the difference between Infinity and Infiniti. :laughing:

haha dam auto correct you got me on that one

Post some sample deals, otherwise you may not get much interest.


Clearly no response to pm message

@ Benz55 I was replying to customers that got in touch before you did and also you all the way in Ohio… As my posting said NY and NJ area. I would like to help you but I like to deal with the customers that are in my area becomes too crazy to try to deal with every one from all over and not to stick with my original mission statement. Sorry I can not help assist you.

@chris3210 PMed 20 char

I did it last as you requested I put all my info in

Hi Chris, I am looking for leasing a high end car - Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Jaguar, BMX or Audi. Mid size SUV or Sedan. Lease should be 39 months/10K and lease payment upto $400 depending on MSRP etc and 0 down. 1500 or less due at signing. Please email me some good deals if you have them. Looking at leasing in next 2 weeks. I already have a $314 per month deal on Infiniti Q50 with 1500 due on signing (on a 50K MSRP), but I am not that impressed with the interior of the car. So I am willing to go slightly higher on lease amount, but want a car that is much better looking, especially from the inside (which is probably something that can happen with a Luxury SUV)

Hi Njbayek, I am looking for Q50. Can you give me the dealer/broker info who gave you for $314 with $1500 due at sign? The best offer I got was $379 with $600 due at sign. Thanks

I think it it worth mentioning that I had a 3000 VPP certificate. Maybe if you have that, you will get the same number as mine.

I’d like to see some sample deals you can get? Also what are your brokers fees?

Hi, my current lease is up in March. I’m looking for under $200/month, 0 down, 15k miles/year. What are my options?

Nissan Sentra SV/SR, Toyota Yaris IA, Hyundai Elantra SE are some good options

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Can a Hyundai Tuscan w/AWD fit under $200?

Not without a multitude of incentives. College Grad, boostup, uber etc.

possible to do an Audi A4 Quattro for under $300 including max MSDs?

Anything worthwhile on the hellcat?

Have any good leases on Chevy Malibu premier 12k 24 months or same with Toyota Camry car v4?