Auto Express Alfa Romeo Of Erie

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I have about 20 2018 Alfa Romeo’s left, so if anyone wants an aggressive quote without any BS or the bait and switch game please contact me. You can email me @ or call/text 814-504-0544 . Also, if everyone could answer these questions when requesting a quote it would make things much easier on me and help me provide an even quicker quote.

My promise still stays the same. I won’t waste anyone’s time and promise only to provide accurate information and provide exceptional customer service. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

• Full name and address with zip-code
• Who is your Employer? Spouses employer? I will personally check to see if your employer qualifies for Affiliate rewards. This is a chance for you to save more money.
• Can you tell me your color preferences and equipment preferences for your new car? You can also go to our website and select a Stock number that works best for you.
• How many miles a year do you need?
• Do you currently lease any FCA vehicles? If it’s a lease, when does the lease end and who is is Leased through? Do you own/lease a Maserati, Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Cadillac, Lincoln or Porsche? Again, if it’s a Lease please let me know when it ends and who it’s leased through.

It’s very important that I get all of these questions answered to provide Quick and Accurate quotes.

Thanks again for the opportunity

I live in NJ about 6 hours away ~ 400miles. Do you ship? Approx shipping charge?

I use a company named United Routes. They are about $850 to ship, but I have had several NY/NJ clients use Montway which seemed to be much cheaper this time of year, like under $600.

Hope this helps

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Any quads? And are those hackable or not worth anyones time on this forum?

Curious… How do you “exploit exceptional customer service” as stated in your post? :wink:

I sent a pm a few days ago and no response

They do not lease well. Payments North of $1,000

Was on it on here, or did you email me? I am still getting used to navigating this site, but I average about 12-15 lease quote requests a day via email from this forum, so my apologies if I missed you.

By always answering my phone, responding to texts at midnight, giving my best deals up front, selling and delivering well over 100 Lease Hackr members, helping people find deals in other states if logistically we can’t work together, gaining a fantastic reputation that allows me to quote 10+ people a day, essentially running my own new car business off a forum.

Does that answer it for you?


It was on here

Lol. I get that. I know you have an awesome rep. I was simply making a small joke because “exploit” indicates a negative not a positive and was incorrectly used. Haha. I failed in my attempt at humor. Carry on.


No, my grammar just sucks lol. Sorry, I didn’t catch that…Thanks for the heads up, I will fix it. (PS I get defensive easy haha)

How are the deals looking like for Jan/19?