🚨 August Chevy Master Deal Sheet! Serving the NorthEast! $349 Silverado TrailBoss! $209 Equinox & More!

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:rotating_light: Chevy Master Deal Sheet (See Google Doc), While supplies last!

Please see the link to google sheets to see every deal! Deal will be honored for all NY/MD/DE residents willing to drive a little bit further to pick up.

Any general questions can be asked on this thread! If you are interested in moving forward on one please PM me. See instructions at very bottom before messaging me.

While supplies last only, first come first serve. First month payment included in quote! Note: I will be a little busier than usual until 8/10 so please only PM for serious requests! It also might take me slightly longer for me to respond, though I’ll try to respond immediately.

More corvettes to be added over the next two weeks!

$399 Broker Fee

If Interested Please Include The Following In Your PM
Preferred Method of Contact:
Phone Number (optional):
Desired Make & Model:
Desired Trim:
Must Have Options:
Desired Budget:
Top 3 Color Preferences:
Expected Credit Tier (700+ TransUnion is Tier 1):
Miles Per Year:
Timeframe to Take Delivery:

Some Highlights
Blazer AWD $329 (Pre-Tax), $999 DAS with Conquest, $39K+ MSRP
Colorado LT 4WD, $319 (Pre-Tax), $999 DAS with Conquest, $35K+ MSRP
Corvette Stingray 2LT, $629 (Pre-Tax), $1999 DAS, $66K+ MSRP
Equinox FWD LS, $209 (Pre-Tax), $999DAS with conquest, 27K+ MSRP
Malibu RS, $229 (Pre-Tax), $999 DAS with conquest, 26K+ MSRP
Silverado Trailboss, $349, $999 DAS with conquest, $47K + MSRP

So a $66k Stingray costs $5k less over 39 mos than a $53k Camaro? Crazy.

Yeah - Camaro’s have an ugly money factor, ugly residual and honestly I don’t think the fire sale on the corvette’s will really start until later in the month


any Traverse deals?

I cant wait to see this!!!

Some predictions? 0.5% MSRP/mo Corvettes would be something to see! Probably not, but it looks like some of the first deals that have been trickling in on the 2019s have started to drop below 1% all in.

1% is no problemo!

I don’t think we’ll see Larry-esqe deals but I hope I’m wrong

Residuals are super fair so I think there is money to be made at lease end!

May jump on an LT1 manual w my father in law this week. $59K MSRP

36/10 and the residual is $33K

Is this only for residents of the northeast?

Any suburban deals?

@harveylove @87155 Traverse/Tahoe/Suburban deals to be added soon!


Is the Blazer RS AWD 51K the lowest price?

There are two other Blazers listed on here. If you are interested in one feel free to PM me.

Waiting on those Tahoe numbers!

Same, Tahoe numbers!

Are you able to do the equinox in Florida or would I have to pick it up in the NE?

@AutoLeaseNinjas Can you give me more info on the blazer AWD? What trim level and options included in it? And price out for 15k miles

Does GM employee play into these at all?

Hey guys! I’m gonna clean up the spread sheet tomorrow and add some more models (including the tahoe and traverse). Also plan on making it much easier to read and understand too so there is less confusion! Cheers!

Full-size bed to carry atv ? Colorado v6 awd is 1000 drive off and 319 a month…

Cool lease

Iterested in a Suburban

Looking for tahoe or suburban