🐘 August BMW Thread - 2019 BMW X1 - 1k DAS - MAX MSD - $299 / month plus tax - $37,995 MSRP

August Thread

Broker Fee - A large bottle of Johnnie walker Blue Label

Call Or text 31O-9O9-39O5

2019 BMW M760I Demo
$5000 DAS
3 years / 10,000 miles per year
$1399 / month plus tax

2019 BMW X1
37,995 MSRP
Only $2000 DAS including everything
No MSD Required
3 years
10,000 miles per year
$299 / month plus tax

2019 BMW 330I
43000 MSRP
3 years
10,000 miles per year
$329 / month plus tax

Call Or text 31O-9O9-39O5

More deals to come but this one is Hot!!!


Any X3 specials for August?

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Any deals for August for the M340i as well?

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It has been a while where have you been!!

X3 has been leasing pretty well for quite some time now!

Gotta assume it was either the owner of the dealership or the GM (who I’d think is very tight with the owner) to be using this as their demo.

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It’s a beauty
We had a client for it In Texas but it took way too long to get it so he had to go with a different option. It took months and months to find this M760i for him and again we are getting lots of activity on it so let’s see who’s the lucky new driver!!

M760I :heart_eyes: Nice find!!! Someone get this!

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Texted you about X3s, never heard back…

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Text again please I have 70 text messages to get back to
I fell behind last couple of weeks

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On M340i I can do a nice deal for you
Some dealers are asking MSRP and over but I’ll discount it
Let me know what your needs are!!

X1 is back on the market!!! :fire:

Only $2000 DAS including everything
No MSD Required
37k MSRP
$299 / month plus Tax

Call Or Text 31O-9O9-39O5

7 more left at this price


X1 is going Strong - Get yours Today!

Would you be able put the X1 in the LH calculator with max MSD? (no loyalty)
Like to see the real numbers.
Norcal. Its either X1 or the GLA.

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It’s about 5 grand off or something like that
Do your Math please and come back if you like!
They are going fast - I know It is a solid Deal!

One Available!!

2019 BMW 330i
$43,450 Window
$2500 DAS
36 Months
$329 / Month plus tax

Can you provide more details about the X1? Is it sdrive, xdrive, what add-ons/packages are included?

Is that price factoring in any incentives like loyalty, lease credit, conquest, etc.? Do you have a spreadsheet setup you can provide a link to like other brokers and dealers on here provide?


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2019 7 series
Zero out of pocket
789 per month plus tax
97,665 msrp

This one will be gone today

Text me please

It is a low option - But perfect option

It is the kind of deal that that the smart consumer grabs quickly!!

My cell is 31O-9O9-39O5

X1 stop-sale has been lifted?

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Yes Luckily It has been lifted and once again selling like “HOT CAKES”