*AudiGuan* thanks everyone

Hello All,

Thanks for a great year. Congrats to everyone who has got a great deal.

Guan Chan
Im on IG =p


You need to include the DAS amount in the title.


thx will do

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so you mean to tell us you were lurking all this time


Hehe, I have been in and out. Finally decided to join and participate. =)


How much would payment for down with loyalty ?

We may have scared away the last Audi rep by asking for $500/mo SQ5s :rofl: so let’s read through

But his price seems to include loyalty already.

**Available Incentives:Included loyalty(750)
**Region: socal

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Yup I think you’re right. I may have misread that.

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I’m assuming this can be even lower after MSDs.

Not a horrible deal for an Audi

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Hi Blues00,

This deal included loyalty, if you don’t qualify, I’m sure we can figure something out =)


Can I get it on a premium Q7? I have loyalty.

Sure you can put MSDs, but doesn’t really make sense because it is at buy rate(about 0.50% APR)

Could you replicate the same deal on a SQ5? I’ll even take an 2018.

Im about less than 2 miles from you.


I would love to help you find a q7. Text me.


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FYI @AudiGuan if you put the @ before a username, it enables you to tag that user and they’ll get a notification.

Welcome, and best of luck.

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Do you ship?


haha. I wish I could, I would get that car for myself immediately at that price. However, if you are interested in a SQ5, text me.5103842663



Thanks man.

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@AudiGuan sent you a text :slight_smile:


In the states?