Audi STEALS **End of Month Specials!** (Q5, SQ5, Q7 + MORE)

Updated November 21st — PLEASE READ BELOW

***The deals you see on the listing are real numbers that are valid to be used on a deal.
LeaseHackr Calculator ESTIMATES can be used to get an idea of payments on a re-structured deal.
Everything will be handled for you! Clients will not need to consume any of their time on the deal.
Nationwide shipping is available at the expense of the Client.
$250 FLAT broker’s fee to be collected prior to any signing with dealer.
Please feel free to PM or email me with any questions! ***

**Lease for $615 plus local taxes (INCLUDES AUDI CARE)**

2021 SQ5 Premium Plus
MSRP ~$65K
Multiple Builds Available (Colors and Packages)
36 Months, 7,500 Miles Per Year

Deal is based on $3000 + first month DAS (Can be adjusted!)

2021 SQ5 Calculator Link

Lease for $614 + local taxes (SIGN AND DRIVE DEAL!)

2020 SQ5 Premium Plus (Ask About Prestige Deals!)
Black Exterior / Black Interior (2 Cars remain!)
MSRP ~$60K
36 Months, 10,000 Miles Per Year

2020 SQ5 SIGN AND DRIVE Calculator

Lease for $607 + Local Tax **(11% PRE INCENTIVE DISCOUNT!)** 

2021 Audi Q7 Premium
Grey Exterior/ Grey Interior (Limited builds Remain! // Premium Plus Available)
36 Months, 7,500 Miles Per Year

Audi Q7 Premium Calculator

**Lease for $484 + Local Tax (9.4% OFF MSRP BEFORE INCENTIVES!!)**

2021 Q5 Premium:
MSRP $48,390
$540 a month (including 6.625% tax) with $1500 DAS :fire: :fire:
36 months, 10,000 Miles Per Year

Can’t replicate in calculator!!

Lease for $540 (8% OFF PRE-INCENTIVE!!) 

2021 Q5e Premium Plus
Audi Care Included!
MSRP $57,490
$540 a month (Taxes + Inception + Full MSD DAS // Can Be Adjusted)
36 months, 15,000 Miles Per Year

Can’t Replicate in Calculator!

Lease for $430 (Inc. Taxes!) 

2021 Audi Q3 Premium (S-Line)
MSRP ~$43K
$430 a month (Taxes and Fees Due at Signing)
36 months, 10,000 Miles Per Year

Please feel free to inquire about any Audi…The dealerships I work with have deals on all the cars!

Email: (Please reply to the post letting me know you inquired!)

More cars on the way soon!

This is my first post on the marketplace, please feel free to leave some feedback for any changes you want to see down the road.


Hi we are looking for Q7 black/black optics package. Is that something you are able to help find?

Absolutely, PM me with your budget and zip code and I will see what I can do.


Sent you an email. Thank you!

Hi looking for a Q3 Sline Turbo blue flexible on options and year 20 or 21 just has to be turbo blue! 36/10k lease.