Audi SQ5 Feb 2019 deal

I was about to close on a SQ5 Premium+ and the dealer just informed me the MF has again increased (I had the numbers for January).

Can someone confirm? Should I wait for March?

Jan MF: 166 no MSD, full MSD: 121
Feb MF: 173 no MSD, full MSD 125

I’m being offered 11% discount from MSRP (Florida) given there are no Audi incentives, I’m not particularly happy with this. It is good enough?


Looks like they may be marking up the MF. According to Edmunds, as of 24 February; a SQ5 P+ still has an MF of .00166 as opposed to .00173.

That or Florida has different MF from the rest of the country?

Go on Edmunds forums and ask the question. There’s an SQ5 lease thread up.


I asked yesterday on Edmunds and the MF was still 0.00166.