Audi sq5 2020 vs 2021

I’m in Alaska, my lease is up end of December.

Currently leasing a 2018 q5 p+ For my wife on a 36/15k.

Looking at 2021 sq5, 36/12k
dealer sends me these:

I don’t understand why the 2021 is quoted as twice as much per month as the 2020.

The msrp on the 2021 is nearly $1k less.

The 2020 is quoted at 10k/36 the 2021 is quoted at 12k/36 but the 20% increase in mileage shouldn’t be equating to twice the monthly payment.

Do I need to wait until December to do this deal when there are more ‘21 sq5’s on the market? I was just trying to get this done before the holidays so I wouldn’t be in a car dealership at Christmas haggling with someone.

I also have an '18 SQ5 coming off lease next month and just solicited my first quote on a '21 last week.

I’m guessing the dealer is discounting the '20 much more than the '21, however they are not showing you the discount in their deal sheet, only the rebate.

To answer your question, yes, you need to wait at least a month or two to let the 21’s fully flow through to inventory before you can expect anything remotely decent. The first quote I received on a '21 was laughable.

Hopefully the November numbers will improve a bit, right now there are zero incentives (not even loyalty, which sucks) and most dealers are shooting for the moon. But again the 21’s just started arriving on lots last week, so somewhat expected.

It’s bananas - In 2017 we leased a 2018 model (I guess just like you did) and got rates much closer to what they’re quoting us for the 2020 model now. I don’t want to lease a 2020.

I guess I’m wondering what CVirus did to the supply chain, if anything, for Audi and if that will factor. I know other dealers are crying about lack of inventory (ram/chrysler).

I don’t understand how they are justifying/putting that offer out though, it just seems insane to do it. That’s why I’m posting however - I’m concerned I don’t know what it is I’m talking about also. All I can figure is that I should wait until December and revisit this/watch it.

I know the quotes aren’t apples to apples as one is for 12k and one is for 10k, but no calculator I have used or tried anywhere comes close to that monthly lease number with all the same data input.

They are selling both vehicles to you for MSRP, so the prices difference is because of the different lease programs for this month. What is the RV and base MF for each model?

According to edmunds forums RV is about 57% and MF’s are listed across the board ~ .00054

The 2021 is an exterior refresh, so it will go through the similar “new” model cycle with lower discounts for an initial period…maybe 6 months if I were to guess. One nice change, as a current SQ5 owner, is the '21 restore the quad exhaust pipes. The fundamentals of the '20 vs '21 in terms of interior and driving dynamics are exactly the same though, fyi.

You should post and ask yourself for your zip code. You don’t want to know what the numbers roughly look like based on other places and extrapolations. You need to know what the numbers are, especially living in a market out of CONUS.

How were you able to compare in the calculator if you don’t have that info? They programs aren’t the same for MY20 vs MY21.

There’s all sorts of stuff missing from those quotes so I wouldn’t take either at face value.

Plugging the '21 into the calculator using the figures provided, a pre-tax deal should be ~$926/mo with $3k DAS. Getting to the $1,617/mo in the dealer quote would require an additional $20k+ in tax or dealer fees and add-ons.

Something is way off on the '21 quote. I would ask the dealer for clarification.

LH Calculator - 2021 SQ5

I’m in the market as well for SQ5 Prem+ 36/12 months. 2020s models have a larger discount. This best quote I have received
2020 SQ5 Prem+
MSRP $61,810
Selling Price $55,629 (10% off MSRP)
$0 Down Payment
$1560 Drive Off
36months, 12k
Monthly w/tax $731

I’m debating whether to wait to next month or December to see if I can get 12%-15% off MSRP for 2020 model

If I were you I’d wait. The only thing that will change is that inventory will dry up but programs will get better or stay the same. Not to mention is that there will be more 2021s on lots.

Run from that place, I have a similar MSRP, 2021, 12k lease term and the payment is 805 monthly putting down 2,500. They are giving me 8% discount from the MSRP, Connecticut area

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Few comments

They changed the gearing for 2021 so it is not the same beside aesthetic changes. 0-60 is now 4.7. There are also more standard features at lower trim levels.

As far as the offer above for a 2020, something seems off. Not sure if the are marking up money factor or what.

I was offered a 2021 with $65,040 build, zero down for $749 (First and fees still do which was minimal) and my discount was 7.6% and there is no rebates. I would need to run the numbers again. Will try and post my offer when I get home. The 2020 I was offered was a 63k build and came out to $649 with tax and similar due. I think both were around $1000 total das.

I was 100% set on a m40i but trying to wait for these to hit dealers and drive one. Also hoping they at least add loyalty back on for November.