Audi S3 Return - Type of tires?

I’m returning my 2016 S3 in July and the stock Pirelli P-Zero Summer tires are shot.

I was looking at replacing them with a brand new set of cheap all seasons ( I’ll be driving on them for a couple months after I take my winter wheels/tires off. ) Am I going to have issues with this since the car came with a Summer tires?

This is what Audi says:

  • Multiple, mixed tires are acceptable for Audi vehicles not equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive as long as they are the same size and quality as original equipment

  • Audi vehicles equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive must have matching brand, size, and rating on all tires

It doesn’t say anything about the type of tire, only the speed rating. But it does mention the quality. Who decides if the quality of my Cosmo tires is equal to the Pirellis?

Any input would be great. Thank you!

Go with used tires over cheap new ones especially since you will only use them for 3-4 months… probably cheaper anyway. Should be able to get similar Pirelli tires installed for under $500.

I think it would be hard to find anything worth while used for less than this.

Never heard of that company, but sure… seems like a good price. Bet you can find a similar price on used ones locally on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace since you would be fine with 50% or so tread.

So my question is would I be ok returning it on all seasons if it came with Summer tires?

yes… you should be fine… typically the only tire type they are picky about is run flats if they were original equipment. Believe Audi just wants at least 4/32 tread and matching tires.


I am in the same situation, returning a 2016 S3 (using the Audi Pull Ahead program). Dealership has not been able to give me any insight as to how much I might be charged if the tires are out of compliance. They told me that I would get up to $500 of damage waived but not how much tires would end up costing. I am assuming like $200-250/tire; so I am now debating on whether to just go to a tire shop and spend $500 for basic passable tires.

Out of curiosity, what are you getting next and for how much?

so did you end up getting another S3? Curious minds want to know! :wink: