Audi rs3 lease question vs purchase

can anyone tell me about the buy rate i know they are trying to make some up there with it being in California and selling it at sticker.

Main reason i want to lease is the auto gap insurance incase something happens over just paying cash

please let me know what you think

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you can buy this as a separate product for very cheap. Just purchase the car

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There’s literally no “gap” risk to insure on a car paid with cash @jitter

true but then its flighting with insurance on a value where on a lease its just a write off

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A sub 0.5% probability event shouldn’t dictate your decision making.

Nonetheless are the following not an option?

Finance and add GAP through your insurance

Pay cash and add new car replacement rider through your insurance

Pay cash and insure through a specialty insurer who offers “agreed value” payout that is pre-agreed between you and the insurance company

where you get 0.5% – I have banged up every leased car I got – never worried one day because its the banks problem

I have one car financed and I’m not worried about a total loss rather the fender benders that can dramatically destroy resale value

Perhaps you should be more careful with the cars you drive then

It’s nyc - cars gonna get dinged even when parked lol


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