Audi RS Etron GT Lease Deal Cancelled after Audi America “Called Back” Vehicle

Hi, wanted to get the experts’ take on this situation. I had committed to leasing the Audi RS Etron GT from a local dealer. I signed a purchase order, put down a $1,000 deposit to “reserve” the car, and submitted the leasing application. While I was waiting for the car to get transported from another dealership in my area, I was informed that they could no longer sell me the vehicle because it had been called back by Audi America. Has anyone heard of this sort of thing happening?

That isn’t a descriptive enough statement by itself to explain it.

There are a bunch of these stuck at port due to a part that needs to be swapped out.

Are you sure it’s coming from another dealer?

Thanks. I am certain it is coming from another dealer because I was able to see the VIN on the other dealer’s website. I tried calling the other dealer as a new customer, and they just indicated that the car was “sold” (but I didn’t describe the situation to them).

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  1. car was already being sold at standing dealer while you were dealing with your current deal. Happens often when trades are involved.
  2. not sure but may have to do with confiscation of the Audis due to recent Labor Issues.
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Thanks. In terms of #1, I didn’t have a trade in or anything that would delay the deal. Still possible it was sold by the other dealer, but strange given that I committed to the car as soon as my dealer told me about it, and then several days elapsed before I was told they could no longer sell it.

Maybe it has to do with the stop sale that the 2023s had?

Most likely the other dealer had a customer taking it. But could be the stop-sale issue.

Sound like the Stop sale, but may be an excuse

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