Audi R8 Lease Deals?


What’s considered a good deal right now on an Audi R8 lease. I’m located in NY but willing to get a car from elsewhere.

Has to be a Plus/Performance. Don’t mind if it’s a demo or even a pre-owned (although those usually don’t lease well).

I’ve seen new R8s being offered at 26k off MSRP before any negotiation right now.

Debating between a lease or a purchase of a heavily discounted 2020 R8 Performance or a 2017 R8 Plus

Thanks for the input!

Ideally 24 month and 7500 mpy, but open to 36.

Why not reach out to an Audi broker?

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I’ve rarely seen aggressive R8 lease deals. Even when heavily discounted, it typically just makes sense to finance and sell down the line. What it comes down to is a conservative RV that hasn’t ever been subvented that I’ve ever heard of.

I think @Zein has leased an R8 before. He might have some advice for you

Hey- I can give you some perspective as I have lease a 2017 R8 V10+ and a 2018 R8 V10+. I was also about to recently trade my '18 in for a '20 EXCEPT Audi learned one valuable lesson from the '17+'18- the residual needed to be right sized.

Albeit said, a unicorn deal on a NEW R8 (all incentives, marketing allowances, dealer discounted included) should be right around the 20% off mark. For example, a $220K sticker should have a sale price of roughly $176K. Both my R8’s were 19.6% and 20.4% off sticker but the residuals were around 68% and 69% (with Audicare). My lease payments were $1,565 (17) and $1,375 (18) with originally putting $30K down and letting the equity carry over into my 2018.

Today you are looking at a 58% residual on 24 mo, 7.5K which has an insane monthly payment; hence why I went to Lamborghini and (holding all other factors equal) got a better deal on R8’s big brother, the Huracan for a cheaper lease than the R8 as the Huracan is a 72% residual.

Yes, a $332K car has a cheaper lease than a $220K car because of the 14% difference in residual.

Still want an R8- go after a low mileage 2018 that has tanked in price. I’m set to return mine in 7 months and residual is $137K for an original $201K car in 24 Mo.

I’m considering buying mine as well as the R8 is such a better daily driver (more comfortable and technologically user friendly) than any exotic I have been.

If Audi didn’t kill the R8 residual by 10% than it would still be a great deal, but not today!

Buy used with light mileage!