Audi Q8 etron Prestige Deal Check - 8.9 LH Years

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I don’t quite understand exactly where to put everything in the calculator so hoping for some deal checking. Planning to sign docs tomorrow. Would love your insight, thanks!

2024 Audi Q8 etron Prestige
MSRP $91,940
Discount off invoice 13% to $79,987
Incentives $14,800 (EV 7500, national cash 5000, Costco 1500, region rebate $800)

Monthly payment $925 ugh includes 9.3% KS sales tax
DAS $925
Doc Fee $799
Acquisition Fee $895
Residual 52%
MF .00275

Link to calculator = CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

I am no expert …
overall looks like a sweet deal
especially the 13% dealer discount.
also would work better if you are planning to buy it off after 3-6 months e.g
have you checked the buy rate MF for your zipcode on edmunds, maybe the 0.00275 is jacked up

Honestly, I don’t quite understand MFs as this is my first lease. From what I am gathering the MF is basically an interest rate. Sounds like there is a buy rate and a sell rate. I assume sell rate is what I get and buy rate is the dealer. Does the dealer pocket the profit of the difference between the buy and sell rate? Does the MF originate for where I am located or the dealer? The dealer is a state away and an 8 hour drive.

The dealer gets a rate from Audi Financial and has the ability to mark up the rate. Generally they’ll do this to give you a bigger discount up front and still make money on the back end.

Ask them how much discount if they do buy rate in the MF and run the numbers both ways.

Also, ask how much for Audi Care? I believe it bumps the residual and may actually lower your payments. Again, run numbers both ways.

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Hey, that seems like a sweet deal to me with the discount [I assume discount of 13% is off MSRP] before rebates? May I ask, how you got this deal to this point? Did you send a email using a template? What was your first offer and how you got to this offer? Would you mind to share the dealer name / location? I am in the market for same exact car, but the sportsback version.

I’ll share more details once I sign tomorrow but not the dealer name. This was my first time really negotiating. I think what got me this deal was being upfront about my ask, firm and unwavering during negotiating and casting a wide net in distance and color choices to get the first great deal. Once I got that great offer then I went in for exact color combo I wanted back to the original dealers that wouldn’t play ball and got matching offers much closer to home.

It all started this weekend when someone said they got 15.5% off of MSRP. He sounded very knowledgeable and said it was a likely unrepeatable deal. I used that to simply start asking at 13% and got it. I still want to try and work the MF to squeak out a little more monthly savings.

Edit: yes the deal was 13% off of MSRP and then the $14,800 in incentives after that.

Is Audi care needed on an EV? My BMW i4 says that I need to have brake fluid checked at 30K miles…that is it. How does Audi Care help lower payments? Wouldn’t a service contract with cost increase payments?

I assume you did the offers by email and not an initial phone call? Also when making your deal, was it a deal targeting a specific car in stock at their dealership?

Residual bump by 1%, check for your trim, it’s been widely discussed in most Audi’s.

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I started each dealer on the phone to quick introduce and show I am serious and knowledgeable but immediately switched to text for every single communication after that initial call.

Interesting. If my RV changes by 1% my payment lowers $25 which over a 36 month lease is $900. Sounds like Audi Care would only cost like $100-$200 in that case. Appreciate the insight!

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Ok so you called, and whomever you connected with you asked and made a verbal offer for a specific in stock car, i presume?

Good luck, please post pics once you’ve taken delivery.

No, the first call basically went like this. I said my name is Chief, I recently test drove a number of EV SUVs locally from MB, BMW, Audi, etc… and Audi and MB EQS are my top two choices. I am calling all dealers in the following 8 states that have Q8 Prestige with Black Optic. I noticed you have these stock numbers that match. The dealer that comes in the lowest will be the winner and I am going to close the deal in the next two days. From what I have been seeing online deals are closing between 13-15.5% off of msrp PLUS all the credits (which I them named all of). I said for the sake my time and yours if you are not hungry for a sale let me know and we can all move on. I called about 15 dealers: 2 didn’t bid, 6-7 did 2-3% off, 5-6 did 5-7% off and 1 did 13%. Once I had the 13% I called back the others starting with the ones that really had the combo of colors and options I wanted. I did it all today in 6 hours or less. By the end of it I had 4 dealers at 13% with matching incentives, RV’s and MF’s.


Thank you for sharing the details, your effort seems like it really paid off. I will follow your approach as well. Seeing how next week is the last week of the month. may help me have success as well!

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I wonder if the money factor is based on dealer location and not the place you will register the car-

Best of luck. I went to Audi’s website and shop, selected the vehicle I wanted and searched within 300 miles of my zip code. Went to each dealers site that was listed, quick filtered on their new car inventory to find a decent match and made the calls. Then transitioned to text. Built a quick excel file that contained dealer name, dealer website link, stock #, sales rep name and then the offer details each sent in. Just kept going down the list one by one. It was actually quite fun.

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I think the MF was high on the first one and others matched once I was asking for them to match. I had only seen one other deal better than what I had so at the end of the day I didn’t really care how the dealers got to the monthly price. I will still try to work a little on the MF tomorrow before i sign.

Are you basically saying to ask them to re-run the deal giving me a MF that matches their buy rate but then have them adjust the amount of discount? Wouldn’t they just adjust the discount so that it nets out that I pay the same amount monthly? Sorry that I am not quite following you on this one and understanding how it might help me.

Everything else being equal, I’d take the lower MF. Sometimes the deal is a bit better with base MF and lower discount sometimes it’s the other way around