Audi Q7 Premium

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$2k DAS, $989 per month, 10K/3YR

Audi Q7 Premium - MSRP $64,532

Is this deal good?

No, ofc not.


How do you think it can be better?

You could be paying less.


I could do 815 + tax with 1st and fees at signing on a 66k Q7 Premium, so yeah, not great.


Just looking at the MSRP and the monthly payment alone is insane. Run

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Punch in 36x989 into a calculator and add 2000. Does that seem good to you ?

Just because it can be made a little better doesn’t necessarily make it a good lease.

What made you assume/conclude this was a good lease candidate?

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Are there any available incentives? What is the discount off MSRP?

3K incentives, 2500 discount

Broker above notes a $2k higher MSRP, prob the same inceptions give or take and if you factor in tax, prob $100 cheaper a month.

So if that’s your best offer rn, it was just beaten by a decent margin. My .02.

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35 X 989 + 2000


You need to either push for a bigger discount or find another dealer that will play ball.

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