Audi Q7 Premium in NY - ~620/Month 3k Down


I am about to sign a deal on an Audi Q7 Premium in NY White on Okapi Brown. I have a deposit down and said I can pick up the car on Saturday. Have not signed and wanted to get some input before I pull the trigger. I look at the deals from the brokers and none seem much better once you factor in their broker fees and taxes.

I am getting a check from the dealer for $836 remaining two payments on current X1 lease. Will try to turn it in early or even sell it if it makes sense.

I also called 3 other dealers trying to get a better deal on a similar vehicle and two of them flat out said no. The last one said they would consider taking the X1 as a trade to make the numbers work but it not the color combo I want so not going to bother. Most other dealers do not have a similarly priced and equipped vehicle (need conv/tow package and prefer this color combo.

2021 Audi Q7 Premium + Convenience + Towing + 20" Wheels + Other small accessories.
MSRP: $60450
Selling Price:55,513
Monthly Payment: $616
Drive-Off Amount: $3000
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives:Costco - 2000 Lease Cash - 750
Leasehackr Score:8.2
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Seems reasonable considering they’re making your last two payments on old car.

Take this out of the deal. Your DAS should go down by $836 + interest + tax