Audi Q7 please help me find a deal

Pittsburgh Pa are there any good leases out there. I’m only seeing 699.00 a month 3493 down 36 months. Msrp 58,000 on a Audi Q7 I really like it ,but think it’s high. Tips?? Advice?

The best advice with leasing Audi is DON’T.
However, if you must, then make sure to negotiate a good sales price and find out what is the Money Factor and Residual and then plug in the lease calculator to see if dealer is padding the numbers


I’m sorry new here just trying to get any advice. .that’s what they wanted down

Why is that??? Bad deal? Don’t like them?

Hi Anna, basically in order to get your payment under $700 they are doing a cap cost reduction rather than discounting the car. Basically making you pay for part of the car upfront so your monthly payments become less.

You need to ask them the following questions in order for us to help you.

  1. What is the Money Factor they are using
  2. What is the residual (We don’t know which Q7 you are buying and they will likely have different residuals)
  3. A complete breakdown of the drive off payment
  4. What is the Sale price, they have given you the MSRP but the sale price is the MSRP - Discount and incentives. Basically what you pay for the car.


Audi Q7’s lease horribly. If you like Mercedes then the GLE350 is a much much cheaper lease. I was offered a $64k GLE350 for about $590 a month. They will give 13% off MSRP without much haggling.

Also, you should look into security deposits or MSD’s as they are called here. Both Audi and Mercedes allow them and they can reduce your payments by quite a bit. Have a google about them, but basically they reduce the Money factor of the lease and you get all the money back at the end of the lease.

Audis don’t lease well. They have low residual, low discount and high MF (interest). So it makes the payment high. For 700 a month, and 3493 down, I would rather take a 6 year loan and buy the car.

You would be able to lease a comparable X5 for 100 less easily a month (and no money down)

And that is saying something because BMW X5’s are also leasing really badly right now. Perhaps that might change tomorrow.

Thank you very much. I feel like I don’t what’s good and what isn’t. I didn’t know that they lease horribly. Coming out of Yukon xl Denali with 18,000 . I do know someone is going to make out on my vehicle. I did consider a Toyota or lexus. The leases on Mercedes here in Pa… at least the ones that they are advertising are very high.

Lexus lease very very well. You can get 10% off an RX450 or RX350 and get the payments to low $500’s.

What is your priority? Getting the lowest monthly or getting your dream car? Lowest monthly on a “Lux” SUV will be the Lexus. You need to put in the work though. Make sure you know all the lease details before you call the dealer then tell him exactly what you want and how you want it done. And be prepared to call a few dealers.

If you can give us more information then we can help you.

i second. If you need a premium brand, which is leasing well, go for Rx350

Thank you sir. I really didn’t get all the information. Thia is all so far
2016 Lexus GX msrp 58,080.00
Lexus saving- 5602.00
Selling price - 52,478.00
Plus fee,tax,title,plates 55,410.55
Payment 36 months 10,000 a year
$3000.00 down 615.45 a month. Is that alot to put down? I’m in Pittsburgh, Pa there are two dealerships sister stores. Not much competition. Also what’s this real pricing?

That is again not a good deal. You need to be asking for the money factor and the breakdown of the fees. There is $3000 in there for docs and reg and then a $3000 down payment.

Do you need the GX? The RX is a much much better lease. You could look at an Infiniti QX60, they are leasing really well right now.

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Just running the number, that is a horrendous offer. There is $3000 cash back on the car so they are only giving you a $2600 discount. With the basic residual of 66% and a basic money factor of 0.0019 I get a monthly payment of $599 with a $1826 drive off.

Now, if i apply security deposits to it (Given you were having to put down $3000 anyway) the payment becomes $530 a month. (You would have to put down $4950 in security deposits but you would get all of that back at the end of the lease.)

I would push for a bigger discount as well.

This is based on a 6% sales tax. I dont know if PA has some funny way of taxing a lease though. (You might be 8% being in Philly but it does not make a huge difference. I can recalculate if you are 8 to give you numbers to fight with.)

Ok! Thanks again so very much. I really do appreciate it. I’m going to do and ask everything you mentioned. I will keep you posted. I haul around a few kids and think the RX might be just a little too small. Maybe a Toyota. Thanks again.

I’m going to keep shopping I have about 45 days so I guess I have some time. I thank you so very much for this help. I just think they see me coming you know. I just want a nice safe car. I do have to transport some kidos!
Thanks again

I totally understand the two kids situation. The Toyota highlander is leasing very well, some excellent deals to be done.

If you have “lease equity” (aka “somebody is going to make out on my vehicle”), you should consider doing some work to see if you can benefit from it instead of somebody else.

That is what is good about a lease, its a win-win for you on the depreciation.

Due to your low miles, you can go to Carmax or Beepi and see how much they will offer you for your Yukon. If it is higher than the residual (this is on your lease paperwork), then you can sell it to them and just pay the lease off and pocket the difference (there are fees so make sure you know what those are to see if it is worth it). If they offer you less than the residual, then you can just return the car and nobody makes out on it :slight_smile:

This is EXTRA work but if if $1-2k (or whatever your lease equity amount is) for 1-2 hours of your time then you can consider doing this.

Not after you learn things from this forum! The people here are awesome and will help you tremendously but you do need to put some work in. At the very least, any monthly payment (including tax) < 1% MSRP is a “ok” deal. For your Q7 and GX @ ~$58k MSRP, you want to be under $580/mo with $0 down 36mo/10k miles per year. This just gets you in the ballpark as obviously you cannot just say this verbatim to the dealer (just a mental thing). For cars that lease badly, this may be the best deal you can get. For other cars if you are flexible, it will be much, much better and the numbers change every month – like Ed is saying, tomorrow (Dec 1) is literally a new day :slight_smile:

As the others have said, the dealer you WANT to work with are the ones that will provide you with the basic information about the parts of lease (that you will need to get educated on so you are comfortable asking for specifics) and it will stop the “they see me coming” feeling. If they are emphasizing the monthly payment or something else than providing you what the folks here are asking (again, you have to learn the terms) then WALK :frowning:

Keep posting the offers you are getting, we will help you learn how to do the math so you can be knowledgeable before 45 days is up!

Thanks! Yes $36,700 buy out and on lots for $45,000. We buy offered me $41,409…