Audi Q7 Lease ending -> Want a Kia Carnival Ex

Hey guys, our 2019 Audi Q7 Premium Plus 3.0’s lease is due soon. We’re hoping to get a new lease for a Kia Carnival Ex. We’re based in the tristate region but its been so hard to find a vehicle available. Even when they come up, there’s basically zero negotiation room on the price. Wondering if you guys have any tips for what to do here. I thought I could maybe 1) try dealers far away, maybe up in Boston, down to DC, or all the way west to Chicago
2) Try for financing since the lease deals are not great? 3) Put down a deposit so we can get better pricing on the next one that comes in?

We’re pretty distraught by this point I’m thinking of having just to get a regular SUV if I cant find a decent deal on a minivan.

search for a broker in the marketplace. That’s the best way. If they can’t give you the price you want, then no one can. (Well unless you have a secret deal going on somewhere)

Probably finance it, right @mllcb42?

Ya, financing was definitely the way to go when i got mine. I doubt the leasing programs have gone anywhere but down from there.

A “good deal” on any new Carnival in this market is MSRP, the only way that I know of to get that is to order and wait for it to came in (6mo-year)
Putting a deposit down on the next one to come in will most likely put you next in line to pay the 6-10k over MSRP…but you’ll get one.
You don’t want to lease if you pay that much over MSRP, it would add 200-300/mo just in the over MSRP amount.
Financing over the lease will save you $150-200 mo depending on how long you stretch out the payments but it’s a new model, do you really want to be on the hook for extended payments let alone 6-10k over if it turns out to be a lemon? (yes , there is always lemon law)
The market is about the same on these no matter how far you go, The best deal is find a dealer that will allow you to order at MSRP and wait…or pay up…OR find something that leases cheaper until the market corrects.
…just my .02

TBH you should have asked this 6+ months ago. Could have ordered one, but now it’s too late.

Call around and just pay the lowest markup you can find for an in-stock unit.

What makes you think the deals on regular SUVs are any better? Or that the solution to being distraught is buying the wrong vehicle for your needs?

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