Audi Q5 Premium offer check

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To me it looks pretty good. This is all new to me always went to a dealer and never did MSD.
This is Q5 Premium with conv pkg, conv plus pkg, 19" wheels and panorama roof.
LMK what you think. Thanks!

Not terrible. I think your residual is wrong tho.

Thanks for the input Keith.

Np. Your residual is way off. Should be around 53%. Check with Edmunds. Also, is the incentive applied to your discount or is that discount before the incentive?

Yea there is no way the RV is 60% on 15k a year.

Looks like 36/10 is around like 55% so yea, definitely low 50s probably. Makes things quite different lol

@RichieSMG is this a quote a dealer actually gave or this is what you’re calculating prior to asking?

This is the link to the deal one of the brokers on here gave me.

Keith I am not sure. This link is the offer I was sent from one of the brokers here in the Northeast. That’s why I asked the question. This is new to me and I am trying to read up on what all these numbers mean but I am a serious newb when it comes to leasing. Thats one of the reasons I came here, to learn how to see through all this.

Most of us here are newbies so nothing wrong with that. But you should know how to research or get the information on your own. If it’s an offer from a broker they may have accidentally left the residual at 60%. Your 3 year cost will be considerably less than what it will be in reality with 15k mi a year. Your monthly is likely another $100.

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Ok well if it’s from a broker then the only thing that will matter is if the monthly payment and due at signing items are in fact real, the calculator inputs to represent the payment are not worth splitting hairs over. So, to your original question, I think that is a good payment for the car.

Looks like the link the broker sent me put in wrong numbers somehow. Keith you were right, Monthly was $512 when corrected. MSD $4200. Drive off $1600

msrp 47,900 sell 42,505, 36 mos / 15k , 53% residual, .00039, 8 MSDs, $750 taxed incent. , $895 acq, 599 dealer fee, $400 gov, 6.625% tax

I had a better offer with my local Dealer. Guess Audis are tough to discount.