Audi Q5 P+ deal


Hi Hackrs

I am getting the following Audi Q5 P+ lease deal for 39/10

DAS - 4000 (mostly taxes, registration etc)

Not exactly sure of MSRP but dealer said around 50K. I am yet to get the breakdown of the costs and will try it tomorrow.

Please let me know if this is a good deal. I am still negotiating and would like to bring it down to 450.

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Look around a little. Try to help yourself at least a little.

There’s nowhere near enough data. Don’t put down 4 dimes. Get the actual price instead of some nebulous quasi figure off the top of the sales rep’s head.


It’s not a good deal and never put down $4k!

$450/month with $4k will be easy to get to, because that deal still sucks.

After bit more negotiation, here is the breakdown for P and P+. Please let me know if this is a good deal

Premium (39/10)
MSRP - 46,240
Cap - 40,337
Residual- 50%
Incentives - 1250
DAS - 2500
PM - 415

Premium Plus (39/10)

MSRP - 51,295
Cap Cost - 44,827
Residual - 50%
Incentives - 1250
DAS - 3000
PM - 465

IMO not a good deal. Not sure your state or the quoted money factor and how much of that 3000 DAS is going towards the lease vs fee’s/taxes - need those to make a accurate deal assessment, but in the end this looks like a very average Audi lease and would never be considered a good deal here.

Whats the MF rate your getting for each? Also whats the selling price of each? Also, since youre in NJ can you do some MSD’s to lower the MF?

MF is .00031. I live in NJ and I am just paying 527 down for Premium and 624 down for Premium plus. Rest all is taxes and fees.

I am not sure about MSDs but can check with the dealer. I am thinking if I can get the numbers to DAS - 2000 and 400/month for premium, it might actually be a good deal.

I would love to get some feedback on this.

@VirginiaBeacher @anon92897398 @schwartz @mah4546

Any thoughts on this deal? This is my first time leasing so any guidance will be really helpful. I have shared all the numbers in the reply above. Thanks

They both seem like pretty run-of-the-mill deals. Not the worst, but that RV is killing the deal. Audi is a hard marque to hack.

Def consider MSD to lower the MF. If you’re not married to Audi the other lux brands can be easier to score deals.


Whats the sale price of the Q5? You just strive for 12% off MSRP BEFORE rebates (ask for 15%). I mean youre in NJ with NY, PA, etc around. Stretch the distance and email dealers to get the deal you want (email dont go in to the dealership). Dont limit yourself.

Audi’s dont lease well, but see about MSD (Multiple Security Deposits) to lower the MF. Put the 2000 you want into MSDs that are refunded.

Check a BMW X3 (best is a loaner) which lease better than these.