Audi Q5, local PA ads

2018 Q5 SUV

$439 month
39 Months
$3,833 Due

Excludes tax, title, license, registration, options and fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services

valid through 01-02-2019

Closed end lease financing available through January 2, 2019 for a new, unused 2018 Audi Q5 2.0T Premium with automatic transmission, convenience package and heated front seats on approved credit to highly qualified customers by Audi Financial Services through participating dealerships. Monthly lease payment based on MSRP of $43,875 and destination charges less a suggested dealer contribution resulting in a capitalized cost of $36,923. Excludes tax, title, license, options, and dealer fees. Amount due at signing includes first month’s payment, capitalized cost reduction, and an acquisition fee of $895. Monthly payments total $17,119. Your payment will vary based on final negotiated price. At lease end, lessee responsible for disposition fee of $495, $0.25/mile in excess of 32,500 miles and excessive wear and use.

$537/mo total seems high for 43,875 MSRP
What’s the discount they’re doing, 36923 / 43875 = 15%?
Why then monthly payment is so high for such a discount? Very low residual and high MF?

The other option we’re looking is X3, hopefully it will be slightly more attractive (<450/mo) - still waiting for a quote from the local dealer.

Not sure what your sales tax, or annual mileage is, but a good deal on a $50k Q5 seems to be about $500p/m with zero down. Targeting leftover 2018 models with the Summer of Audi Tech package, and adding Audicare will save you money as well (if you do enough mileage). MSD’s will always help too if you have the cash available.

Similar story with the 2018 X3’s will get you bigger discounts but the BMW MF is bad. Depends on your local market and how far away you’re able to look.

Thanks, Alex. That’s the price I’m targeting.

Hard to deal with audi dealers, too snobby and trying to waste all your valuable time.
We went today to one, the wife actually liked Q5 a lot (easy handling yet very stable, nice interfaces, etc).
But then they refused to give me printed quote (“you’ll take it to somebody else”), ugh fukin audi.

Anyways, thats the best they offered and the numbers even don’t end up
msrp 48380
cap 4180
rebate 2750
cap cost 41450 (14% off)
tax 1904
fees 281
total: 43635

For 10k/36
632$/mo (idk how they come up with this number)
56% residual
mf 0.00187

That’s not a bad start, with a little more discount and getting the MF down to base level you’d be in the $500’s p/m.

If you’re not in a rush keep working the deal and emailing other dealers and see what you get between now and New Year.