Audi Q5 - 52K retail - 797 / month - 7500 miles / year / 36 months

Hi All,

Im 100% certain I"m not getting a good deal on a 2018 Audi Q5 from the Audi dealer in Honolulu. I’ve asked for more details via email haha

  1. Price of the Q5 - looks like it might be 54K in their quote but its only 52K on the sticker
  2. Residual value - I’ve tried 62% - 55% and cannot get to their numbers exactly
  3. Money Factor
  4. Audi has 2 active incentives. I have a 2015 Mercedes Benz at the moment, so they have a new acquisition incentive ($750) and a first payment incentive (up to $600).

Drive off is $1,165 - this should be first payment, acquisition fee,etc but it doesn’t look like the $600 1st payment was subtracted

7,500 miles per year @ 797 / month for 36 months just seems overboard.

Any idea on how I can approach this to get a better deal? They seem reluctant to provide additional numbers by email which means I’d have to spend 2 hours at the dealer again (I test drove the Q5 the first visit)

Q5: .00174 MF and 62% residual

Not sure on what you need to do to make it 7.5k.

Given you don’t know the MSRP, Sale price or MF it is very very hard for us to help you.

The 2018 Q5 isn’t going to lease well as it’s too new and in high demand. Even in SoCal, no one is getting good deals on them. With the limited competition in Hawaii, it’s even more doubtful. Maybe look into a different vehicle.

PS. Don’t think about getting a GLC either as those don’t lease well too.

Thank you. Using that MF,. I got the numbers to work out to the brief email he sent -

Selling price in my “deal” seems to be 54,000 on the Q5 (52,250 list) which is approx 2K above the actual price on the web. Thats’ the cost of the special paint protector ($999) they apply and one other item that i cannot recall at the moment

So also, none of the incentives were applied. Hmmm.

This deal is in Charleston SC right now, based on a MSRP of 42,900, It adds up to sign and driver for about $540 a month

This is 10K miles per year as well.