Audi Q3 October lease offer

I got an offer Audi Q3 Premium 10,000/3 years
Florida, Money factor 0.00162,
residual 57% 21597.30
MSRP: 37890
Negotiated price : 33343
Monthly payment: 536.99 with tax , fee , title , registration
Down payment : 0

They told me they can still improve the monthly price in about 20 dollars less.

What do you guys think will be a good offer ?


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Have you confirmed MF, RV, and incentives with Edmunds?

I just did it now . They told me that MF should be 0.00112 and they confirmed the residual 57%.

It seems that is not a good deal to lease this model .

Thanks for your help

I leased a Q7 (admittedly lower trim) for 560 a month before tax and I paid TTL at signing. So, not apples to apples comparison with your Q3 lease after tax.

But then again a Q3 is a long way from an apples to apples comparison to a Q7.

I think this is not a good lease for you.

What state or area are you in?

I am in Florida.

These lease like garbage. Look at Q5s and save some money.

1% isn’t a very good rule to live by but its a very very rough aprox. You are at 1.4%, jet away from this deal

I ditched the deal.
Will go with a GLC4 matic
Sell price: 39265
RV: 56
MF: 0.00090
Drive off: 2495 approx with registration, etc and 1st month included

Monthly payment 440

Still not good… but better than before?1

Probably can do better with a glc350e

That’s still bad. And why are you putting so much down? Do MSDs instead.

Thanks for the comments ( ideas, feedback).

Regarding the GLC350e, I have not tested it out but I do not like it that much from the outside because it’s very big and the car it’s just for me, no big family.

Mah4546, If I place 1000 down in the calculator and 2000 MSD and no down payment. Zero drive off. The monthly payment is even higher cause I am not paying the taxes, registrations, unless I place 2,000 MSD on top of the initial 2495 for drive off ( taxes, registration, etc) comes down 9- 10 dollars to 430

The GLC350e is the same size as the gas version you want to get.

Yeah these are not good. Have you thought about an X1 or X3? Theyre both leasing better and you can search deals from 300 to 500 range for these models. Plus maintenance is included.

You are so right!. It’s the same but plug in hybrid.

Yeah, I looked for them. I did not find a X3 AWD, all of them were gone. I did not like the X1 as much

But it’s a good point and I appreciate it.

Do you need AWD?

Did you look at only one dealership? Cause CarGurus says otherwise?

I mean are you going into the dealerships? Hopefully you read what the hackrs suggest and not go in but email all the dealers around to get it to the Base MF, Residual and discount before before incentive?