Audi MSD Question

I tried searching and couldn’t get a clear answer.
My brother is signing a lease agreement and he wanted to do MSD. This is the deal in question:

Before MSD:
Payment = 727 with MF of 0.00079.
Only thing due is first month payment. Nothing else.

He wants to do 10 MSD. My understanding is it lowers it by a 0.00005 x 9 (even though a total of 10 are due).
Thus MF drops to 0.00034. Payment drops to around 685.

What is the right amount due in cash when he signs the lease?
685 + 7000? (685 rounded to 700 x 10)

Audi msds are based on the post-msds monthly payment, so yes, $7k in msds here.

I went through this with my local audi dealer this weekend as they were trying to apply based on the pre-msds amount. The audi literature provided to the dealer is fairly ambiguous. They were able to call and confirm the appropriate application and get it sorted.

thank you.
Dealer said only 9 MSD is due upfront + the first month. so they are saying 6984 is due. that seems 700 short…?

Audi does the weird pay for 10 to get 9 worth of Reduction, but there have been some dealers that just process 9 somehow. Check the rent charge on the contract to make sure you’re getting the proper mf reduction and enjoy the lower cash outlay.


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