Audi lease numbers confusion

q3 msrp $41,225
my price $36000
$398 monthly plus tax
shouldn’t the monthly be lower?

What’s the residual and MF?

It depends on the residual and the money factor, not to mention how much you are paying upfront, what special offers, if any, from Audi you are getting, and whether you are in a state that taxes the whole amount of the car. From your name, I assume you are in California, so it matters what County/City you are in for sales tax rate purposes.

Sorry. Nothing down and I am in Los Angeles. $750 loyalty from Audi is the only incentive. Any way to get this lower?

Audi is offering first month’s payment free on Q3 leases. I used that promotion for a true no cash down/no drive off payment lease last year on an A4.

Audi makes it difficult to achieve reasonable lease rates compared to the value of the vehicle. We are looking g for a crossover or SUV right now and let’s just say the Q5 we looked at was cost prohibitive.

They make some decent cars with nice interiors, but if you are looking for value you should look at other makes that lease better.

Vsommers- no doubt there is better value elsewhere, I’ve just been spoiled by my current Audi. also looking at a Jeep Cherokee Limited but certainly not as nice inside imo. Thx Cruiserchuck, yes, I could get first month free.

Definitely understand where you are coming from. Our last car was a Q5 that we both loved. Finding something that rivals the driving dynamics and interior quality at a more reasonable price has been challenging.