Audi lease list ***please contact me first***

These are are great leases on current ex-loaner/trade in Audi’s!

All leases are 10k per year with first payment + fees +DMV + Tax at signing. On approved credit.

Audi DOES do security deposits. Up to 10.

If you’re in North Carolina and purchasing from Global BMW.

Payment listed is $400.

Your drive off will be $400 (first payment) + $288 sales tax (at 3% x 24 months) + $689 Doc fee + $88 Dmv.

These DO include the Acquisition fee.

These are NOT the final figures. This is just an estimate. The dealership gives out the final numbers. My numbers are not binding, not an offer…etc.

I am NOT a salesperson. I am the corporate buyer for most of these stores.


Email me at or at

I prefer the outlook email :slight_smile:

WAUGNAF4XHN036337- sold car.

Here is the list:

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Darn. Nothing in California?

Solid deals here - especially #1 on the list

The allroad in this list I think there was a error in calculating. $1500 a month for a demo is way beyond what a purchase would be.

Yeap… I was about to delete that.

I didnt put a residual on that one.

Should post the cars are only in Nashville, Houston, Rockville etc. Only like 6 cities total.

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How would MSD affect the deal?

I can’t access the list from work, are there any worthwhile deals in SoCal?

No deals in SoCal at all.

bummer. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully there will be other non-mini deals for SoCal.

Drat. I’m interested in an audi lease So Cal

(I’m having trouble posting a new topic, so trying to reply to an existing topic where I don’t think I’ll totally hijack the thread)

Hi there,

Here’s what’s happening. The dealer sold my father a car and said they couldn’t find the original sticker. The dealer presented what they claimed was a copy of the original sticker, and made representations about the quality of the car. My father leased the car.

At home my father found the original sticker hidden in the car. It showed the the sticker he received had been changed to remove MOBILITY VEHICLE - NOT FOR RETAIL SALE.

This was a little concerning, to say the least.

The bottom line is that I think the dealer will renegotiate a bit to make this problem go away. I am attaching the lease deal he got.

If someone can tell me what the best deal he could get was – with the dealer making $0 – that would be helpful. (I’m not saying a dealer should make $0, I’m just saying it would be good to know what he’s starting with).

Here is a photo album of the pictures

Thank you in advance. I’d be happy to compensate you for your time – directly or a donation to your favorite charity. I don’t like feeling like as my parents age they may get taken advantage of, and I worry that’s what has happened here.

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I leased one of those before, but mine had 20 miles and the general manager confirmed it is a dealer loaner. They simply bought it as loaner, but sold the car to me. I got it in email in case something happens but nothing happened.

Thanks much! Interesting…so it seemed like either the dealer had some rules to follow regarding the car you bought, or just wanted to treat you either well. I’m curious what the email was for – what could have ‘happened’ with the car?

I brought up my concern on the car as soon as I saw ‘Mobility vehicle - not for sale’ on the sticker, and GM told me verbally that it is a loaner, so I sent him an email asking the same question, and he replied me back.

I usually trade in 1-3 months before the lease end to avoid reposition fee and get a different model and I do save those window stickers to show the dealer. I thought ‘Mobility vehicle - not for sale’ might red flag other dealers (in this case, BMW), but they didn’t care.

You should be fine. :slight_smile:

Im curious what tempted you to go for that lease, it really is bad, especially for a loaner. On Honcker I’m seeing 574 w/ 2279 at signing this includes 7.38% tax

Hi NYCLIFE – I think we thought it was a good lease. Could you explain what would be a great lease for this? I haven’t used honcker and this is our first time leasing! Thank you!

OP This deal is awful. Best use this excuse to return it to them :slight_smile:

For that price, you can lease a Mercedes GLS …

How about that @Ursus - is this fraud or the dealer just “using/exploiting the loop holes”?
By the way the red MObility not for sale is not a legally binding. The reason they had it was so the dealer would not place it in retail stock right away. I am pretty sure they will tell you Audi has allowed them to lease it…

Will you let it go already? You did a stupid thing with that Lexus cert, even though you did not plan leasing a Lexus. Get over it.

Probably that is the case. All I said is that “not for retail sale” stamp was a red flag for me.

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As you suspected, Audi did allow them to lease it. They just didn’t want to wait for Audi to send them a new sticker. So someone at another dealership doctored the sticker and said the original was missing. This is, as others have pointed out, fraud. Now, they could have avoided a headache by owning the fraud when discovered, explained exactly what was going on, apologizing and thrown in a few air freshener. But they didn’t. They saw my father, a senior citizen, as an easy mark, and they treated him as such. Guess what? They fucked with the wrong old man.

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