Audi Lease end return - Roof rails missing

The lease end for my Audi is end of this month - June 2023. The lease end inspection said $200 estimate for a dent is about $200. I got the roof rails but never mounted them. I moved from FL to AZ last month and during the move I forgot to bring those rails with me. Questions for the gurus:
Will I be charged for roof rails If I return without them? I have original sticker and it did not list roof rails
My right tail light does not work and I get the warning all the time. The lease end inspection did not list this. Will I be charged for this?

The car being Quattro, I have to replace all the tires as ended up different tires due to the two passenger side tires had nails at two different times in a week. Now I have to replace all the tires. I am going to get some used tires with a tread of 6/32.

Sounds like you got a lease inspection already.

  • If they didn’t notice the rails missing, you are free and clear.
  • If you can get matching tires and can prove to AFS that you did (pictures, receipts) then go for it, otherwise just pay the fine. Sometimes trying to prove it is so much work you might as well not saved $50 in tire fees

Honestly I would just stop by the Autozone, etc…and grab a bulb for the rear tail light & change it out. The cost is relatively low vs having to pay it at the dealer.

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You’re good. I still have my roof rails from my leased 2019 sq5. Free to a good home btw.

You have equity in your car . Have the dealer buy the car at no charge to you
Or better yet I’ll pick up your car from your house in AZ


I’m not sure about Audi but with some leases you actually own the port installed items (not sure how they were packaged and sold).
It comes down to which items are ammotized in the lease and which are paid for completely, so they might not even expect them back.

I learned about this returning a volvo, I threw out half the “protection package”, which is basically all weather floor mats. Turning it in I was planning to purchase new mats and was told they weren’t required as I owned them.

Was not looking for equity. Did get an offer from Carvana. May take you up on it.

Are you saying that, I can just pay $50 in tire fee and no need to replace the tires?

No I’m saying if they say on the inspection you owe $500 and used tires will cost you $450 installed, why would you go through the whole process for $50.

How much did they charge you for tires? You said you got an inspection.

Why on earth wouldn’t you?

I read the title as “Roof Missing”. Thread was considerably less exciting than I thought it was going to be.

Got you. The tires were OK at the time of inspection. I had like 6/32 on all the tires. So, the inspection for the tires passed. Then two tires got shot in a span of one week. I had to replace the front passenger first and then the rear passenger. (both are used). For Quattro vehicles, as per Audi policy, all the tires must have matching brand, size and quality. So, now I have to replace all the 4 tires.

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