Audi FS lease end charges

Hi there-
I negotiated a new S4 that I am picking up tomorrow and I haven’t done the lease end inspection on my A4.My car is under miles, tires with less than 10K miles and and overall in good shape the only two things would be couple of quarter size dents and the paint on one door is not fully smooth and may need a little polishing.

Wanted to know in past experience how strict is Audi FS. My previous lease was a VW and I wasn’t dinged at all, and I believe is the same company (VW Credit). also on BMW they did my wife’s X3 lease end inspection right at the dealer in front of me and got the inspection report before signing the papers of her new X3, is this something Audi does as well?


When I returned my Audi lease last year, I remember booking an inspection with Third party company called AIM with in 120 days of the lease end date… it went pretty smoothly with minimal charges

It’s always best to have free inspection done and not worrying about some unexpected charge. That said I had an 18 inch long scratch (keyed by some axxx) and there was no charge for that. But there was a $60 charge for missing owners manual. They’ll waive up to $500 excess wear charge since you’re getting another Audi.