Audi finance application from dealer


I’m looking at the Audi S4 and I’ve test driven the car. I’m also considering a few other options currently. I’m planning to lease the car sometime in May. The dealer is pushing me to sign up for the audi finance application online, which asks many more details than a normal credit check. The dealer told that it is going to be a soft pull but I’m not fully convinced about it. I feel if it becomes a hard pull, then it might affect the credit history as I might not be getting an Audi altogether and this might be counted towards inquiries. Did anyone else face this situation or have any idea on whether it is a soft pull or not?

Why would you fill out any application if you aren’t ready to sign and haven’t agreed to a deal?


I was thinking of the exact same thing. Initially they told me that it was just a credit check. But when I opened the application, it had a ton of questions which did not look like a harmless credit check.

No reason to run a credit check either.


Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.