***AUDI Exclusive VIP.-R- Program***

Looking for an AUDI VIP customer experience? Then contact me directly(626)383-4550! My name is Gilbert I began my Audi career after serving for the U.S. Army {13B.Artillery}. I started working in sales then in the service department then back to sales. I work on cars, modify cars, race cars, and sell cars. I’m your car guy. I am here to help and give the best customer service possible.Text or call me if your looking to match or try to beat any deal. Located in Santa Monica I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Please let me know if your a Veteran, current Military or EMS( Fire fighter, EMT, Paramedic, Police, ect.)

NEW DEALS( I don’t recommend MSDs with Audi but it’s your money)

2018 Audi R8 v10 plus -$2,723.50 plus tax {SOLD}

MSRP -$206,920
Selling price -$191,920
DAS- $5,553.29
Loyalty $750.00
36months, 7,500 miles

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2019 Audi A6 3.0 $480 plus tax

MSRP. $62,735
Selling price $56,035
DAS. $2999
39months 7500miles
Loyalty $4000

2019 AUDI TT RS- $1198.52 plus tax

Selling price -$76,895
DAS- $3048.12
36months, 10k miles

2019 Audi E-tron - $1179.90 plus tax
MSRP $76,505
Selling price $76,505
DAS $3773.34
36months, 10k miles
Loyalty -$750
Government rebate $7,500 ( if you purchase it’s a tax credit ) up to $2,500 CA rebate must qualify for that one.

We have 7 Etron’s currently available for sale that you don’t have to order.

2019 Audi RS3 $1,073.45 Nardo Gray
MSRP. $65,995
Selling Price $$65,995
DAS $3500
36months 10k miles

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Contact me directly( 626)383-4550


Re-opening thread.

Hey Gilbert-

With all due respect, that deal on the R8 is NOT a deal by any means for a few reasons:

  1. 12% is the net zero for a dealer (how many days has this car been sitting since you’re only offering a 7% discount?)
  2. The trunk money from Audi is significant enough (roughly $10K Marketing Allowance).

Again, I don’t mean any disrespect but the offer is border line insulting to the LeaseHackr forum as a majority of people are fully educated on the programs and money thats available.

Here is an example of a deal you may want to offer anyone interested in an R8; especially now that 20’s are on the showroom floor



Wow, these are some really lame deals.


Supply and demand is different from SoCal and North Cal. We still sell quite a bit of R8s than most dealerships. If anyone had a counter offer there always welcome to contact me directly. Your always welcome to come down and run it against my Evo also :wink:

No worries Stay Fluffy

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Lol, meant no disrespect sir. Thank you for your service but we really want you to succeed here so any feedback is only meant to help you (and us eventually :slight_smile:). Best of luck in the forums.


Those eTrons are stupid high price considering a $7500 govt rebate in the equation.

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Unfortunately the leases aren’t that great right now typical of any new high end car that Audi comes out with. Don’t worry we have a nice plug in Q5 hybrid coming out later this year that’s going to be more reasonably price.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback I’ve worked with the top 2 SoCal Audi guys in this form and at the end we all have similar bottom lines.

The markets might be different but the car is only an hour flight away or a couple of hundred bucks on the back truck.

These are not great deals. You may want to generate a leasehackr score for each of them. Generally a deal needs a leasehackr score of around 10 to get positive comments. (That varies with car, market, and other things, but it is a good starting point.)

This is leasehackr.com: Folks around here are highly educated, actively try to hack their deals into something extremely good, and aren’t shy about evaluating others’ deals–it helps us all.

Like we say to private parties with bad leases who show up here and want to unload them:

You might have more luck on swap-a-lease than here.


Under 1% on the S4 is pretty nice, although the DAS is a bit higher than usual.

That’s very high for the R8. Not apples to apples but I’ve seen a 720s lease for 2555 per month. 47m 2.5k miles.

Think how many Corollas you could get for that :joy:

(Sorry i had to do it)


I prefer to think of it as how many Tacomas I could get. :sweat_smile:

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