Audi Etron Premiun 2021 Deal? Is this correct?

I’m trying to get an Etron premiun 2021 and after some back and forth over email. this deal was send to me. I asked on edmunds forum and they provided me with 9000 tax incentives for Etron premium. But dealer saying the tax incentives is actually $7500 plus the rebate that Audi offering for this month $1500. Which makes it $9000. Can anyone confirm this?

You need to go to Edmunds forums to check incentives for your area and to verify MF/RV. If you Google Edmunds forum 2021 Etron it should come up and you can post your question there.

I posted it there first, just wanted to know if anybody else had any info regarding what the dealer said.

So if total rebate amount matches, what does it matter what goes into it? Tax incentive is applied differently as post sale rebate?

No not at all, I’m asking if the tax incentives by itself is $9000, on top of the rebates being $1500.
which will be 10,500. I’m just trying to comfirm if the tax incentives being offered for the etron is really $7500, because Edmund didn’t mention the rebate.

Got it. Fed incentive is 7500.

What’s Eligible?

Let’s start with currently available eligible vehicles, which must be purchased — not leased — as new vehicles. Here they are in alphabetical order by manufacturer:

Electric Cars Eligible For $7,500 Tax Credit

  • Audi eTron, eTron Sportback

Looks to me that Edmunds just gives total amount, while dealer breaks it down for you between fed rebate and audi lease cash, but you could double check with our audi dealers/brokers here.

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It’s a lease. There are $0 in federal tax incentives available to you. Any incentives passed on by the bank may be equivalent to the tax incentive, but they’re incentives from the bank.

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Thank you everyone!!

As far as your deal goes, it looks pretty solid at 10+% pre-rebates. You could try squeezing an additional 1%, but if you like the car in the color combo of your choice, with the options you want then go for it.

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That’s certainly one way to look at a deal. However IMO when OEM support is insufficient it’s still a pass.

Audi had way more incentives in the summer when a Prestige could be leased for less than this Premium

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Incentives really sucks at the moment, but I want to lease an electric vehicle and don’t want to go with a Tesla. Still deciding if I should sign or not but I have till monday to make up my mind.

What do you mean??

The lease programs right now suck, so even with a good discount, the price is still high

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Are you in Southern CA or IL? If southern CA, have you talked to our resident Audi gurus? @Samaudibh, @DonnyAudi?

MSDs will make your deal look better as well.

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in IL, I have but with shipping included I’m sitting around the same price.

In the summer you didn’t even have to negotiate much to get a Prestige for less than this.

Costco 10% off
Marketing allowance something like 9-11k based on region
$7,500 lease cash

All stackable

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I wished I could travel back in time :laughing: because I really wanted the prestige but dealers want over 800 for it and I don’t think its worth that much.