Audi E-tron lease


Trying to get this dealer to make last 3 payments of my A6 lease…

Hey Ravi take out your address for your safety. I work for Audi and that’s a lot of money down for a lease but to answer your question there is no pull ahead but just tell them you won’t sign without my payments being taking care of.

Etron is not being discounted in my area and seems like sticker deal for you too


Thats not my address…its the dealers address.

$3500 DAS is a lot? Any idea if the November Audi programs are going to include E-tron pull forward?

not a lot of interest here…no wonder why sales number dropped…

It was over $1300/mo until recently so what you expect? The current $750 is actually very reasonable considering how bad Audi leases.

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Just had a dealer offer me $879/36month/3500DAS/10k miles on E -Tron with MSRP 86540…

I had a Audi dealer offer me $879 / 3500 DAS / 36 month / 10k miles
MSRP 86540… I have not got a chance to return call since they closed sat night…
Has anyone leased an E-tron recently? Just curious what are your thoughts. Average lease I’ve got from most dealers is over 1k month…

DAS is “Due at signing”? Does that include 1st month’s payment? If yes, what is the other $2,621 for? MSRP is $86540 - what is the dealer’s price before any rebates or incentives? Should be at least 5% off MSRP considering that these lease terribly and they overshot the interest in these E-Trons.

Should be way more than just 5%. That’s barely invoice pricing.

I’d say higher than 10%.


I agree but I doubt it’s the first number they throw out. That’s why i said at least 5%. For this model with it’s current leasing Id shoot for a price BEFORE rebates of $75,000 but I’m cheap.

Seems decent to me. I hope these get a bit better lease deals in the coming years. I want one.

Just wanted to throw out there a deal that i just passed up on an E-tron with Premium Plus Package (I signed papers on one with Prestige package instead). Here is what the dealer offered me.
If anyone is interested PM me an i will give you the number to my sales rep and hopefully they can get you the same deal.
The number are rough numbers as I don’t remember the exact price.

Tier 1
Residual 51%
MSRP: 79,000
Premium Plus w/ Driver assist

-2,800 for driver assist (Audi includes it now)
-3,000 Credit from Audi
-7,500 Tax credit
Total discounts roughly 13,300

Dropped the car down to about $65,000

My lease down was 3,400 (out the door, includes first month, taxes, dealer fees, blah blah blah).
Monthly was around $764 per month before taxes.
10k miles per year
36 months
This is a heck of a deal as i have not seen E-trons lease under $800 (without ridiculous amount of down).

Just sent it over.
I agree on the Driver assist package, i had to tell my sale person that he cannot include that in the price as Audi now includes it and is a zero charge option on Audi USA web site.

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What’s the $3000 credit from Audi? I haven’t seen that anywhere as an incentive.

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What was the MF on that deal you got?

I got .00200, not great. But I got 11% off MSRP-$2850.

That 11% was probably the 7500 federal tax credit.

Actually. No. 10% discount. I’m not a first time buyer. Also that did not include the 2850 driver assistant package. They tried to do that at dealer and I walked out. GM called me later that night and apologized.

We walked through lease hacker calculator and both agreed on new price. Tax credit was added to my out of pocket cash.

Adjusted cap cost is $65594 on MSRP $83560 My total out of pocket was $3500, includes dealer fees and first month payment. They also took my A6 lease with 2 payments of $549.

You did well then. Congrats! Are you going to post your numbers?

It’s beautiful. Enjoy it!