Audi deals for July 2021 ~ We have cars! Special leases available, Nor Cal only

We have inventory available with Special lease offers for the month of July.
No unreasonalbe offers, no 10% off calls please. Must take delivery in Nor Cal, no shippings cars, no broker deals. Inventory is challenging on some models but if you can wait, I can order you a car just the way you want.
If you are looking for a car and want an easy transaction with a good deal, let me know.

Cassandra Crawford
408-315-4376 (text is best) I will respond when I can.
office hrs M-F 10-6


June ended yesterday… did you mean July?

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Seeing this types of posts on LH, I start to loose faith in everything :man_facepalming:


what is this thread?? lol such a waste of time!

what are the numbers? what are the “specials”? what inventory do you have in stock?

i appreciate salespeople tryna get theirs, but leasehacker isnt a craigslist post


What are your numbers for the A4 45 premium plus sedan?

What deals ? Almost every Audi dealer is on a 15 day supply . Cassandra has the luxury of having cars for people who understand the current market which is anywhere from
10k over to 3% off MSRP


deceptacle has a point, this isn’t a craigslist post where people post clickbait titles without providing useful resources and information. People who “understands” current market might as well walk into a dealership and purchase a vehicle straight out. Leasehacker is for those who want to get “hackable deals”, and if they can’t most are smart enough to wait it out. But hey, its a seller’s market right now, what do we know.


Yes, July, my aoplogies.Still trying to recover from June :frowning:


what options/color are you looking for and are you looking for lease or purchase?

I want to vouch for Cassandra (AudiCarGirl4U). She did a great no hassle lease for my SQ5 back in April. She is the real deal!


Like many manufacturers, my understanding is Audi has advertising restrictions that limit what dealers like @AudiCarGirl4U and @Samaudibh can post. You aren’t seeing pre-structed deals because they aren’t allowed, not because they aren’t intelligent enough to structure and post one.

You can contact them for a quote on exactly what you want.

Agreed. Were I looking for an Audi deal today, I’d start with a dealer here before I ever went to a local dealer.


What are you Q8 leases looking like now? Open on all color and options. Thank you!

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Thank you :slight_smile: I hope you are enjoying your car still. Let me know if you ever need anything.

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Yes, you are correct and Thank you! We can not advertise like before due to Audi restrictions now. As everyone is aware of the inventory shortage on cars in the US, the “deal” is actually getting a car right now and having a good buying experience. I am more than happy to help anyone and if the numbers do not work, totally understandable and I would suggest ordering a car and waiting 4-8 months to get it depending on the model you want.


sold out of the Q8’s rignt now :frowning:

Do you have any good deals on Audi A5 for lease? Demo is fine. 10k miles per year, $2500 drive off. Either black or white exterior.

Do the numbers look better if it’s an order or not really? I suspect in 4-8 months demand will normalize…

All I can do is order and hope for the best, if it dosent work at the time the car comes in, no worries.

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Look for E-tron purchase deal?

Any deals on the Q5 or Q5e? Looking for P+ trim and demo cars are fine