Audi CPO Leases


Are there any red flags to look for on a CPO vehicle lease (Audi)?
Are single pay leases still an option as well for CPO vehicles?

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You can but it rarely makes sense to do so unless someone at Audi Fs fell asleep at the wheel. It happened with rs etron gt launch editions and not much else in recent history. I think I’ve seen an Audi dealer in GA do a 12m lease on a cpo titled etron gt that was taken in on trade and heavily marked down.

Dealers will often rarely know about the program, or not want to bother with doing so, additionally one pays are more paperwork they sometimes don’t want to do, so not only are you playing the find a car that works lottery but the dealer will do a one pay lottery on top of that

Why are you looking into CPO leases with Audi? It probably won’t make financial sense. Care to share any specific vehicles you are looking at?

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@sledbeagle2 crossover (I’m still kinda salty he took my 540)

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Its a '24 sq5 sportback PP with about 1500 miles. MSRP $71k, sell price $61k

What are the lease numbers?

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Immediately going to tell you it’s probably not worth it.

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I wonder if Audi will turn to CPO leases for all the RS etron’s 12 month lease returns that are about to flood the market.