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Sounds like they are combining Marketing allowance & Costco. If that’s the case, they’re not giving you the full 9,500 (which is what San Diego should be at. Check on Edmond).

If that is the case, you should push for a selling price (at the minimum) to be $65,308 before the 7.5K EV credit.

You should also double check the residual & MG on Edmonds. For DAS, I hope you’re putting zero down and using MSDs.

I’m looking for a Prestige model.

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Private message sent @ThugMD

Can you resend. All I got was a message you replied.

Thanks for the post. No Q3’s?

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Any SQ5s? Looking for one 36/15K

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September pricing is updated. Please let me know if any questions.

Where would the pricing be?

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@jo_po My thread above is updated pricing. The original post.

Looking for e-tron pricing for September. thank you!

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No A4 Quattros?


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Any update on the Q5e for September?
Costco but no loyalty.

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Hey I got it!

$2800 Das
$499 plus tax
7500 miles 36 months

How much is that same q5e if its 12k miles a yr? Costco, but no loyalty.

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Usually every mile stepping stone for Audi is about $14.

Any offers on A4 Allroad…or new A6 Allroad

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