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Amazing Deals added on S4, SQ5, and S5


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Yes, Will message you!


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@metom88 all we have left are 81k Prestige cars.

@Quique yes I can help you on the Q8. Sent you a message!

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The quote you sent in the message is for a A3. Do you want a Q3 or an A3?

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Audi e-tron deals near San Diego?

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Looking for a 2020 Audi A4 Quattro premium plus.
10k, 36 month, fees, lic and first payment down.

Have a 2017 Subaru Outback limited for trade with 27k. Received multiple offers to payoff at 24,715.

San Diego area. Willing to travel to LA for best deal



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I’m a nooB here and also new to leasing in general, but I’m interested in 2019 E-tron in San Diego area. I have a quote for white prestige:
MSRP 83,120
Costco discounted dealer price: 67,120
36 mos/10k annual miles
$5000 DAS
$716.19+tax monthly
after 7500 rebate and 1717.52 “cap cost reduction” the
adjusted cap cost is 57902.48

From what I’m seeing on other posts, this seems like a huge ripoff, even though the costco discount seems pretty generous. Thoughts?

For an E tron, this is a pretty good deal. It comes out to a better deal when you put Max MSD and also have loyalty.