Audi A5 Sportsback: 2018 Loaner vs 2019 New

Hey guys,

Looking to lease A5 Sportsback. Went to a dealer today, and they had a decent 2018 Premium plus with ~5000 models on it. Attached are the initial offers without any negotiation. What would be a good payment/sales price i should push for?

Also, is there a rule of thumb to follow for loaners? Like there’s 1% rule or 10%off MSRP for new leases.



Looks like they bumped up money factor, not sure if Audi is national like BMW, but I haven’t seen one that high… Seen new ones go for half that I think. If the lease is the same monthly as purchase there’s kind of a problem.

There isn’t a set rule on percentage off, but there is probably a lot more in there than 10%.

MF looks marked up. Confirm on Edmunds. Why is your cap cost $4100 higher than your selling price? Is the sales tax calculated correctly for your state?

I heard the ‘19 has some features that were only available on the prestige trim for ‘18s - you should see if that’s true and what those options are. Either way that’s too high for an A5, you’re reaching S5 money on that monthly lease payment.

Also, why is the selling price $41,500 but the adjusted cap cost $45,603?