Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 quattro in California

Looking to lease Audi A5 sportback 2.0 quattro near San Jose California. Can someone please tell me what type of monthly payment I should expect with 0 down? Dont mind doing MSD’s. What are the current incentives on A5. If someone can post the residuals and MF, that will be great!!

Sign up for an account and go here: and ask for the proper Residuals, MF, and any incentives. Make sure to put your lease terms (months and miles), trim level, and your zip code. They can’t provide you with the proper numbers without that info.

Also, go to to double check incentives.

The A5 Sportback is going to lease terribly - high moneyfactors and poor residuals, even relative to other vehicles in the Audi lineup.

If you’re dead set on it, consider reaching out to @IvanAudi - he is in SoCal, but I suspect it would be worth the flight/drive back.

What similar car would you recommend with an aggressive lease right now? Thanks for your input!!

BMW 430i Gran Coupe 2020

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Specifically a former loaner lease on a 430 GC if you can find one discounted enough.

@hokiecar it’s been suggested you post over on Edmunds to get the money factor and residual you requested; instead you created a new thread here.

My bad,i thought they said to create in mf/rv forum