Audi A5 lease or buy advice?

Ok, need to turn my XC 60 T6 in a few months (January). Swooped in Audi and test drove a 22 A5 Sportback Prestige (nice car!) and is big enough for my dogs. It’s 61K msrp. I honestly wasn’t serious about getting a new car this quick but they came back with 5.9% finance (no way) and a lease deal-sheet with literally no info on it which I told them and they replied “this is how it always is” and wanted a laughable $1000 a month payment which obviously means the MF is marked waaaay up.

I got a pretty solid ‘ok’ deal on my volvo pre-covid (13% pre incentive discount) so it’s really hard to swallow these types of numbers now that I’m in the game again, especially on a hatchback sedan (maybe I’ll have to?). I kind of thought maybe I’d be at around 650 a month at that MSRP level. So, is this your normal dealer BS or is there something with A5 sportbacks I’m missing. Seems like it ought to be one the easier deals to make out of their line up.

If you think that’s bad, try the All Roads :expressionless:

Remember Costco members get AudiCare, and PenFed has some Audi incentives for their members. BYO financing

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@aronchi has an S5 for 300 less a month if you are in that region. Also, the 22 has a mf of .00295 or maybe over .003 for September which is an apr of 7%+. has them as build/locate at 811 a month.

Yeah I saw the Costco AudiCare on Edmunds and will investigate more. I’m dealing with the only large dealer in a medium sized metro area; my experience is usually they offer poor deals because people around here will pay stupid money for these things.

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Ok, the MF here makes sense. It kind of has a high residual for a sedan, so I guess Audi has the MF jacked up to compensate there.

811 for an S5 or an A5?

The Prestige trim usually has the worse residual value. I would recommend looking at a Premium Plus.

MF on certain Audis could translate to an interest rate of up to 10% (I am not sure what the MF is for this model). Even if you were given base MF, leasing a Sportback with no incentives and a low residual value will be pricey in this current market. Have you looked at broker deals in the Marketplace?

If you really want an A5 SB, you might be better off ordering one through a broker and financing it through a credit union.

Could be normal dealer BS, but the nice thing about being a consumer is that you do not have to do business with them. As for your second statement, not sure what you mean by that.

FWIW, leasing an Audi has gotten more and more expensive in this current market. This is coming from a guy who has leased a 2018 A4 P+ and is currently leasing a 2021 A6 P+.

Are you married to this car or are you open to other brands/models?

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a5 prestige. you don’t qualify for the $1500 so add ~45 a month to those numbers and TTL

Like @Bluemkn57cars said p+ is better for residual

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Like we say on LH, going in even to test drive w/o knowing what an aggressive but doable deal should be puts you at a disadvantage.

Asking a dealer for the “numbers” automatically lets them set a starting point and magically when it’s $50 / month less, psychologically you feel like you win and hit a deal when in this case the starting point should be $300 less per month.

OP tagged Kentucky in their post. So not sure getting a car from this broker would work for them.


I have dealers who can ship out of the metro NY region. Just contact me directly.

First steps should be looking at broker deals in the LH Marketplace and posting on Edmunds forums.

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on make & model dropdown menus to find the appropriate thread.

  3. Sign up or log in.

  4. Make a post asking for your specific model, trim, AWD/2WD, etc with your zip code and the desired lease term in months and miles.

Alternately, you can try the Lease Program Query tool on the Leasehackr Calculator, available to Super Supporters.

I’m guessing you were responding to OP.

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