Audi A5 Lease : Is this a good deal?

Hi All, I recently got this quote from a dealer. The quote is as follows:

Tax Rate: 6.25%
MSRP : 49925
Sale Price : 43000 (Excluding Acquisition Fees and Registration Fees)
Sale Price Including all fees : 44499
MF: 0.00011
Residual Percentage: 53%
Monthly Payment : 502/month (including tax)
Initial Payment : 1499 (For fees)
Lease term: 12k/36 months

It would be great if you can let me know if its a good deal. Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.

Assuming it is the 2016 model they should be discounting loads with the totally new one just around the corner.

Thats a good deal, best you’ll see for An A5 that is obviously a premium plus, tech package metallic paint and most likely a sport package too.

Roughly $4000 under invoice in addition to the $750 rebate. MF is super cheap and yes residual is soft because of the new model around the corner.

Good going, I’d pull the trigger on that deal.

NO. Does not meet the 1% MSRP test. Payment is too high. Should be closer to 430-450.

Thanks a lot all for your replies. I really appreciate it. @vhooloo : Can you please let me know the !% MSRP test. For this car MSRP is 49925 and agreed price is 43000.

Thank you so much all for your inputs.

It’s $3 over… There are other factors to consider before deciding if it’s a good deal or not. I see this deal and recognize that there is a poor residual and no incentives, but a hefty discount from MSRP. Given that, and the fact that it is pretty close to 1%, I’d call it a good deal.

Generally, a monthly payment for 1% of the MSRP is a great deal. There are other factors to consider of course.

A month ago broker offered fully loaded S-line A6 for $500 a month nothing down tax included. So I would say no it’s a bad deal.

say what? is this still on going?

For me, the 1% test includes drive offs…so in this case the monthly equals about $529…really not too bad.

I’ve leased a lot of Audis…and it’s really hard to get to that 1% mark.