Audi A4 Season of Audi Package

Hi Guys,

New here but have been learning a lot on this site

Wondering what you guys think of this deal:

2017 Audi A4 with Season of Audi package

Its listed at MSRP of $41,385. I am being offered

36months/10k miles/year lease for
0 Drive off

I’m trying to bring it down to $428. Thoughts?

any ideas on how much MSD should lower it to?

We need to know the selling price, MF and residual to better evaluate your deal. Also, one of the main lessons from this site should have been negotiating on the selling price of the vehicle, not by monthly payments.

How are you planning on doing this? A few people on this forum negotiate on monthly payment instead of the selling price (discount from MSRP) because they tell the dealer “I don’t care how you get there”. If this is your strategy, you have to find that guy.

Most people here work all the numbers so that you can give the dealer of where you can get to your $428/mo (assuming this is before tax). Without any further numbers, it is hard to find out how to find the $14. There may be more room but again, without any other numbers to work with … you will basically have to wait for the dealer to spend the time to make this deal hit your number. If you do their work for them, all they have to do is say yes they can do it or not

Thanks for the feedback Chris

You are right, I came up with a number I was comfortable with and asked the salesperson to come up with the deal.
I didn’t realize me pointing out ways to bring it down would help so thats a great suggestion.

I have been more programmed to think that the price of a car can be negotiated and this should automatically reduce the lease payment.

I’ve asked for these numbers from the salesperson, but they haven’t been very forthcoming. I’ll update if I hear back.

So here are the numbers

Selling price: 35,935
MF: 0.00046
Residual 55%
36 month/10k per year lease

we agreed at zero down, $435/month + tax

Audi’s is not that great of a lease so this is a fair deal. Plugging your numbers into the calculator gets $413 + tax (total $450) so you are about $22 off somewhere. There is $792 somewhere in there …

With 10 MSDs (per the calculator) approx $4,250, payment should become $386 + tax ($421 total)

Not sure if you are in CA …

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