Audi A4 - Buying an Infiniti Tomorrow! Just kidding got the Audi

I’m looking to take this deal tomorrow! I hope I’m making a good choice. :crossed_fingers:t2:

2018 Premium Plus Audi A4
49k MSRP
41k sales price
55% residual
MF: .00075
475 down || 475/mo

$4,050 in MSD’s will take your payment down to about $445.00.
Very good discount on the car.

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What are MSD’s? Multiple security deposits? How does that all work?

Are you kidding? You opened third thread for the same thing?


I appreciate your obsession with posting on my threads - but when it comes to making a large commitment in my life, I want to make sure that I’m making a good one. So yes, I’ve posted multiple times in order to be given the most amount of feedback on a purchase I’m about to make. I appreciate your concern though and I wish you the best.


Stick to one thread when it comes to large commitments in your life, dude. Just common sense.

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Again, I appreciate your concern, but it’s really irrelevant as I’m going to do whatever I deem reasonable when I’m making this large of a commitment. Thanks though!

One of the best deals on the A4, a 2018 no less.

One of the worst deals on thread count, three no less.

Make sure there’s no other fees like acquisition, TTL, service, etc. on top of $475. Could kill you deal


It’s all inclusive, 475 down out the door. 475/mo.

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MSDs are fully refundable cash deposits that you give the bank when you lease. Each deposit is equal to the payment rounded up. The cash upfront provides security to the bank, and lowers their risk to lend to you. Therefore, they don’t the money factor. I’m not sure how many MSDs Audi allow and what the rate reduction is for Audi per deposit… but I know I just put 9 MSDs down with Toyota for a total of $3,375, and was able to drop my Highlander payment from $426 to $374. A $52 a month savings in pure interest charges. At the end of the lease I will get all $3,375 refunded and end up saving over $1,800 over the life of the lease.

All this said, I agree with the above poster… you have posted 3-4 different threads on this exact deal… everyone has told you it is an excellent deal to get an Audi under 1% and to take the deal. Making a new thread every couple of hours will not change the outcome. Take the deal, and enjoy the car.


Make sure you start yet another thread once you sign the deal. /s


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ahahahaha


I feel bad for the guy if “large commitment” in his life comes down to less than $18K over 3 years.


I knew i was eventually going to be pulling out some popcorn. :popcorn:
Dude. Sign already lol.

Agreed. Understand that people come for deals but too many people want everything done for them without doing HW.


I have a 2017 A4 lease that I need to get out of. Great car, 15k/year, 28 months left. Let me know if you are interested.

Umm you missed the most important part. THE PAYMENT!


i LOL’d 20 characters

Hello everyone. It’s me. No need to be concerned that I’m here. I’m really just here to track the passive aggressive comments. Thanks, though! Appreciate all of the concern, in advance! Thanks! Best of luck to everyone in their future endeavors. Thanks!


Best is going to be when the car has been sold by the time he’s ready to pull the trigger.

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